Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

Star War Journal Entry 7 (G'Hest)
Communication Breakdown

As we go deeper and deeper in to the bowels of Cloud City, I note the growing lack of attention to safety regulations and general maintenance. There also aren’t any signs of security, human or otherwise. This is a complete reversal of the aristocratic facade above. Now,I can see why the crimelord, Darga, frequents here. Take a simple trip to the underbelly and any shady business dealings will never be noticed. Plus, I am sure the smell down here reminds him of home.
. We finally make it to the mining work site. We spy from afar, and take note of several groupings of Ugnaughts diligently working on their various assigned tasks. I also notice Mynock like creatures adhered to a freshly mined gas canister. It is my guess that these creatures breathe the explosive gas, and probably explode if given an ignition source. This would be very dangerous while they are still on the canister. However, this could be useful if we need a distraction to flee. There is one Ugnaught that appears to the foreman of this site. He is the only one that openly carries a blaster pistol. Miko and I glance at each other and without speaking stealthily move into flanking positions around the site. Mer’lyn uses stealth at first…
. This is where thing go… awry, to put it nicely. Mer’lyn, Leek, and A’rreth come out of hiding and try to pose as henchmen of Darga, coming to “expedite” the shipment. I guess this was to try and discern when and where the shipment was going. The problem is, that wasn’t the mission. They were supposed to convince them to stop working for Darga and rejoin the honor of their clan. Miko and I were the back-up plan. Well we were, until 3 of the Ugnaughts become suspicious of the barrel I was hiding behind. I came out of hiding, doing my best to look intimidating. Mer’lyn tried to include me as a Darga henchmen. The foreman suspicions were rising.
. Leek cuts a “Mynock” and they take flight attacking A’rreth and Leek. I disarm one of the three Ugnaughts on me. A’rreth gets pummeled when a blaster bolt hits one and it explodes. Ha! I knew it! It is just too bad A’rreth and Leek took the brunt of that explosion. I move in with blasters set to stun and stun one off of A’rreth. The rest of the team takes the hint and begins stunning these flying powderkegs. Phew! I thought they might have been goners there for a split second.
. After the Mynock issue was resolved, negotiations reopened. I was stunned to see them resort to strong arming the Ugnaughts into not only in shutting down the operation, and rejoining their clan, but to load the Tibanna gas onto our ship! This will really agitate Darga. Not only will his operation come to a screeching halt, but his supply will have vanished. Plus, the resistance receives a stockpile of fuel. I am just worried that if Darga finds out about this before we get what we need from him, He will be on high alert that somebody is trying to undermine him on Cloud City. I will have to think of way to use that to our advantage.
. We returned with the news of the reformed Ugnaughts to the Slicers. They were very happy that we were able to change their minds without having to kill any of them. They told us that Darga was planning to sell the Tibanna gas to the Empire for an unknown payment. The exchange will be discreet and soon here on Cloud City. That is all they could tell us. So the Empire does want the gas, but do they want it for the Titan Project? Why is the payment secret? Answer one question and get 2 more.
. We leave and try to get a room in the Bespin Grand Hotel under the identity of Arthur Pendragon. While Slicing the hotel’s database to “secure” us a room, A’rreth notices a possible Imperial Officer named Yarreth may be staying at the hotel as well. Could this be Darga’s contact in the Empire?
. Miko poses as Arthur, and I pose as his bodygaurd/servant. He better not take advantage of the situation if he knows what is good for him. While in the lobby, I begin surveying the hotel’s security. Once again they are hidden in plain sight, but more importantly a noble is in a huff claiming the hotel lost his reservations. I believe “Arthur” stole it. During the commotion, I notice 6 Tholians, 2 females and 4 males. They are all watching the agitated Noble intensely. They must be some kind of escorts or bodyguards. The 4 males have mirrored scars on their face and the 2 females have bright hair. The strangest thing is they are all identical to each other, with respect to gender of course. Could they be clones?
. A’rreth receives a data message via his smart comlink/datapad concerning the deal with the Hutt. He is keeping this information close to his chest. This is all well and good, so that prying ears won’t hear. However, as a team he should tell someone, in case something happens to him. An eruption from the noble wakes me from curious wonderment of the cryptic message. It appears the noble is boastful and condescending at the fact that he now has a room. Wait he NOW HAS A ROOM?
Did we get bumped back out? Are we back at square one?

Star War Journal Entry 6 (G'Hest)
Will It Go Round in Circles
As we approach Cloud City, we are hailed by the Port Security and told we would be in a holding pattern for a week due to the Sabacc tournament traffic. They all try their hand at negotiating (lying) to Security to expedite our landing. I know I am the firepower and muscle of the team, but these guys are supposed to be the mouthpieces (especially Mer’lyn and Leek). These guys couldn’t talk their way out of a paper bag. Finally, Miko offers a bribe. I can tell already we are going to be over our heads dealing with this money-motivated metropolis. The landing code: 123ABE696. (I recorded it here just in case we need it later. Knowing my crew, we will need them to leave, and they will have no recollection of any codes what-so-ever…). Once landed, Armond the Port Master, and dock security inform us that we are not allowed to bring any weapons off-ship, and ask us not to cover our faces. The latter is a request, not a law. I leave my helmet on, of course. I remove all my weaponry and place them in a crate just inside the ship for quick retrieval if the bantha poodoo hits the ventilator. I just got done modifying sweet “Bee-ra” too.

. Walking around Cloud City, I note that security is extremely high. However, to the untrained eye, most of it would go unnoticed. Their “uniforms” are designed to blend in to the crowd, and not to distract from the ambiance of Cloud City. There are also police caches within eyesight, but so well hidden, they are never in clear view. It seems that the proprietors of Cloud City took great steps to give the impression of a perfectly safe and high-end community. From the view of the city, one would never know that this city is actually a mining facility. I also took note that there are Ugnaughts in pairs or threesomes scurrying about. The strange thing is, most of the pedestrians acted as if the Ugnaughts were invisible. The Ugnaughts would always move out of the way to avoid bringing any attention to them. If someone did interact with them, the Ugnaughts were treated as little more than slaves.
. We all tried different ways of discovering the location of Darga or his dealings here. The tournament wasn’t for another week. Therefore, many participants hadn’t even arrived yet. We kept running into dead-end after dead-end. They all kept looking at me saying, “you’re the bounty hunter, isn’t this your field of expertise?” I had to explain to them that I am much better at tracking a bounty on an outer-rim planet when others are also looking for my quarry. I couldn’t let them catch on that bounty hunting is a field I just picked up in the last year. I did catch that Darga’s majordomo, Igren Demos, was here receiving what appeared to be supplies and personal messages in the hotel.
. A’rreth did some slicing that Darga’s ship was called “the Glorious Chariot.” After what seemed to be days, A’rreth finally discovered that Darga had dealings with “Fogg & Assoc,” a Tibanna gas mining corporation. What would a Hutt want with a Tibanna gas business? Was this part of Titan Project? Or was he just selling the gas to the Empire on the side? Or just keeping it for his personal uses? The easiest answer was that he was just selling it on the black market as well as getting free fuel for his own uses. However, I am not eliminating the possibility that it has some use for the mysterious Titan Project.
. This last slice brought the attention of another slicer. This slicer threatened A’rreth and his party to cease all inquiries or be eliminated. A threat like this could only mean we are on the right track. Instead of stopping, we probed for the location of this slicer. If anyone had the information we desired, they would. If Mer’lyn or Leek couldn’t negotiate the information out of them peacefully, I would defer to my own brand of negotiations. We left the serene streets of Cloud City and went underground. Now here you could see that this was a mining facility not the facade of luxury. After trolling the twisted dark and dingy corridors and access tunnels, we found the slicer, or should I say slicers? A team of Ugnaughts working diligently at computer terminals were shocked to see the team enter their make-shift office. Just as I suspected, Mer’lyn and Leek couldn’t get any information using peaceful methods. A small scuffle ensued. So I entered the room, flipping on my filtration system and taking a deep inhale so my I eyes glowed fire red through my visor. Physically taking control of the situation, I think I made one of the Ugnaughts defecate himself. I targeted my intimidation tactics solely on him. He identified himself as Crigg. Through our line of questioning, the Ugnaughts deduced that we were not working for Darga searching them out, we were in fact just trying to discover what Darga’s business was with the Empire. They offered to give us the information we were looking for. It turns out that Darga has been using several of these Ugnaughts clan members to illegally siphon Tibanna gas from the “Fogg & Assoc” mining facility. This illegal practice is bringing dishonor to the whole clan. Understanding the desire to regain honor, and for the exchange of pertinent information, we agreed to stop the Ugnaught “slaves” from continuing their misdoings. They asked us to reason with them, but they would also accept elimination only as a last resort. Honor of one’s family by any means necessary, these Ugnaughts have promise. Gave Crigg one last glare as we left.
Deeper and Deeper into the bowels of Cloud City we go…

Star War Journal Entry 5 (G'Hest)
A Good Run of Bad Luck

On the way to Bespin, Captain Sironna took the time to instruct us on how to play Sabacc and even how to cheat. Our next mission may require us to play in a Sabacc tournament. I find this form of leisure activity to be especially frustrating. The best strategy I had against my teammates was simply to stay even, lose just enough before I could capitalize when I had the advantage. This type of stalemate strategy may be all I need in this mission. Leek showed some real promise on honest playing, while A’rrefh admitted he won by cheating and rigging the table. If he attempts this method while on Bespin, may the force be with him. I may not be able to save his life at the tournament. I guess that’s why they call it gambling.
. While they sat around learning the game, A’rreth began telling the story of when he had enough of the Empire and decided to join the resistance. He was a mechanic with an extremely xenophobic sergeant for the Empire. The conduct of this Sergeant was extremely unbecoming of a member of any force that I have come across. I can only wonder if A’rreth was embellishing his racism and cruelty. Bothan’s follow “the way” which means they put their personal needs first and always look for improving the social/economic status. Subsequently, this gives them a feeling of self importance. It could be that he simply is overreacting to the sergeant’s xenophobia. However, Leek backed his story. Leek recalls reprimanding the sergeant for his conduct. He claimed even then he had a smug attitude toward Leek as well. Shortly after this incident, he was approached to join a way of fighting this blatant oppression. It is my belief that A’rreth saw no way to improve his social/economic status in the Empire, and, as many Bothans do, switch sides to join the resistance in hopes to move up its ladder.
. After a bit more small talk, Mer’lyn decided to tell a story when an assassin droid was sent to kill his mentor, Senator Shea Shadashassa. They where aboard the Senator’s personal transport, while the Droid “hitched” a ride on the outer hull of fhe ship. I speculate that this story came to mind for him as he misses his “adoptive” parent and is basically symbolic of his and her current status. She was effectively imprisoned while an outside force made its way to terminate her with methodical precision, and Mer’lyn feeling unable to do anything of significance. Throughout the story he aided his the senator’s personal bodygaurd/advisor. He seemed to look at the bodyguard as a student would look at a teacher. After a treacherous battle throughout the transport, the assassin droid was beaten, but not before he tried to take down the ship with him. Through luck or the force, everyone made it out with a story to tell their offspring (or teammates while playing Sabacc as the case may be) Throughout this story I learned that what Mer’lyn lacks in combat skills, he makes up for it in guts and ingenuity. Let’s hope that will be enough.
. As we come out of hyperspace, I look around the Sabacc table and hope our team can find the connection between Darga, the Empire, and this mysterious Titan Project.

Star War Journal Entry 4 (G'Hest)
Friends in low places
. Using my contacts as a bounty hunter, I made my way to Darga’s Den on Cato Neimoidia. I was intrigued at the engineering of a city suspended between two rock formations of the planet’s ocean surface. Cato Neimoidia is known for its wealth and a hub of the trade federation. Now why would Darga want to set up shop here? Is the Trade Federation also involved with the Titan Project? Titan Project is something the Empire is believed to have business dealings with Darga for. Could the Remnants of the Trade Federation also have something to do with it? The Clone Wars was between the Trade Federation and the Old Republic (the now Empire). Could it be that they are now collaborating via a Hutt? It is our mission to discover is Darga truly working with the Empire and what exactly is Titan Project.

. As G’hest, I was able to enter the den without any trouble. There, I acted the part of a cold bounty hunter, while I waited for the team to finally get here. I did not have to wait long as my team blundered their way in the Darga’s court. They stuck out like sore thumbs. As they attempted to gather information, I slipped out to a secure area that I noticed had lower security. At least they are a good distraction. I did get noticed by one Gammorean guard. I tried Lying, then intimidation, but when that didn’t work, I had to resort to lethal force. Getting in a “scuffle” of their own, they ran in my direction. I still think it wasn’t until I spoke that Leek and A’rreth realized who I was. Apparently, I play the role of a cold bounty hunter little too well.
. We made our way to some kind of menagerie. After searching the storehouse to the menagerie, we found a ton of arms and equipment. I laid claim to a disruptor rifle, and a missle launcher. The latter was too heavy to carry unencumbered. However, that did not stop me from carrying it and placing it in strategic choke points. Little did I know, I was going to need the Fire power soon. First a Gammorean guard carrying a fully automatic heavy blaster rifle burst onto the scene. He filled the corridor with blaster fire sending my team in a panic. Miko and I took cover and return fire. A well placed shot from my new disruptor bore a hole through his body like a lightsaber through snow. I think I am going to name it “Bee-ra the mechanic”, cause she fixes all problems big or small.
. Either Darga, or his majordomo, Demos, had the bright Idea to cut the power in the menagerie. This allowed one on of the nocturnal predators to hunt us in this cramp corridor. Thinking quickly I lit my glow rod and through it at the feet of Leek and A’rreth to keep the predators at bay from my less combat effective teammates. Mer’lin was still in the storeroom, I assume trying to turn on the power from one of the computer terminals. At least that is what I hope he is doing. Finally killing the last of these pesky predators, I opened up the final door to reveal a detention block with a turbolaser turret at the end of it, and a combat robot guard ready for us. After Beera ”fixed” the guard, With a little help. I aimed and fired the heavy missle launcher at the turret. What a glorious explosion it made as it turned the turret and the room it was in into a Chiss work of art. We began searching rooms, and discovered an R2 droid that Miko was upset that I slapped a restraining bolt on it. I still don’t understand these aliens and their affinity for robots. After all, just a few years ago, an army of robots were trying to kill them. We found a cell filled with an emaciated smuggling group bound for the slave trade. I attempted to negotiate their release and enlistment in the resistance with a deal I thought was an offer they couldn’t refuse, and yet they did. Apparently, they saw enlistment as just another form of slavery. The short sighted humans did not see it as an opportunity to earn their freedom. Leek and A’rreth released them with the deal that they would help carry the supplies from the store room and offer aid (or at least turn a blind eye) to resistance forces.
. It was then the R2 droid began slamming into the back door of the cell. Why would a cell have a back door? A’rreth and the R2 unit sliced the door open, after everyone (yes… especially the droid) convinced me to remove the restraining bolt. The opened door only revealed another corridor, and another door. This one was not so easily sliced. I planted charges to attempt to blow open. It only cracked an inch. The team informed me that an enemy ship was incoming and Capt. Okee was waiting outside for us. I grabbed one of the smugglers to help pull and told A’rreth and the droid to give it one final try. If something was this well hidden, then it had to be something Senator Organa could use. SUCCESS!! The door finally gave way to reveal an elderly woman on life support. The R2 unit rushed in spurting and beeping hysterically. I don’t speak freaky deeky droid, but I didn’t have to know that she had some importance.
. The team called another time with, “We need to go NOW!” Quickly removing all the tubes that were keeping her sedated, she came too. She was able to be moved. We would later find out that she was Mistress Dinaiy, a Jedi that has been missing since the Clone Wars. What a score! I am sure Senator Organa can find a use for her, as well as the equipment and supplies from the store room. We made it to the Banshee in the nick of time. Mistress Dinaiy informed us the the R2 unit was hers. It’s designation was R2-D0, but she affectionately called it “Deo.” To show her gratitude for her rescue, she gave us the Droid. Miko was thrilled to have the thing. It is interesting how humans provide these pieces of programmable parts pet names and partnership. Are they so attached that they would die to rescue one? I bet some would. A weakness, I am sure, the Empire does not have, but I am positive they will exploit.

Star War Journal Entry 3.5 (G'Hest)
Back in Black
Upon returning to the Resurgence, Col. Mandrake sensed my frustration with leaving an Empire communications array and Lab on Felucia, not to mention the dying Felucians. He admitted he felt the same way, having lived with the Felucians for years. The Felucians are great warriors and survivalists and would make great environment specialist troopers for the Resistance, but more importantly destroying the communications array for that sector would cripple troop, and fleet dispatch orders in that sector. My uncle always said, “A clear line of communication is crucial to a mobilized army.” We convinced Senator Organa and Captain Verdana to let us take our newly acquired Lambda class ship back to Felucia for a commando mission.

. Along the voyage, I discussed battle strategy with the Colonel. My plan was to use the Felucians in a hit and run tactics against the Empire’s forces, taking advantage of their intimate knowledge of the hazards of the land while the atmosphere restrictied all long range communications. Basically, the further they were able to draw their forces away from the outpost, the easier it would be for the natives to take down their now lost invaders. While the Felucians, were keeping the Empire busy, I would sneak into the bases to retrieve any info on what could be killing the natives, and destroy the satellite array. I wanted Mandrake to join me, but he wisely refused. He reminded me of his injured leg, and felt his strategic mind and knowledge of the Felucians way of communicating, and tactics would best be served on the outside battlegrounds. I had to agree. He has an amazing tactical mind and a real physical presence. I must admit, for a human, he would make a great breeding partner. But I digress…
. We land at his old campsite without complications. The Star Destroyer is long gone, leaving it easy for us to slide in under the radar. Arriving at the village, Mandrake is given a hero’s welcome, while I make my way over to Fluffy. She is happy to see me, especially after I give her a treat. When the Chieftain climbs out of the hut, he demands us to come to him. Mandrake uses his familiarity with the Felucian ways to convince the Chieftain to help. The Chieftain agrees to allow any warriors to help our effort, but will not force any into combat. Surprisingly, over 75% of the available warriors volunteered with blood in their eyes. Mandrake and I laid out the battle plan for them.
.. As soon as we were ready, I bid them good fortune, and took Fluffy to the base. The exhaust port we used the last time was repaired and sealed. I waited in hiding until I heard the Empire forces respond to the Felucian uprising. It wasn’t but a few breaths before I heard the AT-ST mobilize and blaster fire commence. We predicted they Empire would send the AT-ST out immediately showing off their might, in hope to send shock and awe into the “savages” of this world. Little did they know, we planned for that. The Empire’s greatest tactical weakness is their tactical uniformity. None-the-less, with the troops on the move, this was my chance to scale the wall and infiltrate the base. Grappling to the roof and began my decent into the outpost. Through luck and skill, I made my way to the Lab, without anyone noticing me.
.. I searched for any clue as to what was involved in the experiments, and what could be poisoning the Felucians. Suddenly, I heard to voices approaching from the hallway. I quickly ducked out of sight as an officer/doctor and his subordinate entered the room. The officer was expressing his disgust with the command of the outpost and ordered his lackey to wipe all records. The doctor had a conceited way about his “genius” that reminded me of my uncle. After a few ticks, the officer left, leaving his technician to do all the grunt work. Stealthily, I approached the tech from behind. Shoving the business end of my rifle in between his shoulder blades, I “hinted” that it would be a good idea to transfer all the files onto my datapad. He did so, with only the slightest hesitation, explaining all the while that it would do me no good because the files are encrypted so well that no resistance fighter could ever hope to slice it. I informed him that I will take my chance with that. As he feels me grab the datapad, he figures this was his chance and spins around drawing his blaster, only to be pointing it at thin air. I was already in the shadows. He sounded the alarm and called for the guards. As they entered the main door to the lab, I left through the back, but not before leaving them an explosive bouquet of frag grenades. Through the confusion, I made my way back to the roof.
. As I was rappelling down my rope, several troopers began firing on me from below and the AT-ST returned. But to my surprise the AT-ST opened fire on the Stormtroopers and not me. The AT-ST hatch opened up, and a celebrating Felucian popped from it. Taking a moment of pride, I finished my way down and back onto Fluffy. There was still work to be done. With haste I made my way to the communications array and began planting the charges. It was fairly easy due the Empire forces being bewildered how they could be losing to these “savages.”
. I arrived back at the village for the victory celebration, just as the array detonated in a glorious burst that shook the very ground. The victory was bitter sweet though, as the Chieftain informed me that 12 Felucians and 4 Kybucks paid the ultimate price for their planet’s freedom. I stayed for the burial rituals to give honor the dead, and to learn more about this race. I painted 12 green chevrons on my right arm and 4 yellow claw marks on the corresponding pauldron. This way the fallen will continue to fight by my side against the empire. I then took one last ride on fluffy, before shipping off.
. This should delay the empire long enough for the resistance to gain a foothold in this sector. I hope the resistance slicers can crack this datapad, and discover just what the Empire was up to and was was poisoning the inhabitants of Felucia. On our way back to the Resurgence, an encrypted message came through a secure channel, informing me that my squad had gotten themselves in over their head trying to discover Darga the Hutt’s whereabouts. My presence was requested by Captain Verana to provide them with some fire support. After hearing the details, I asked Mandrake to drop me off at the next station. Here we go again, out of the frying pan and into the fire….

Mer' Lin's welcoming party

Well this is fun. I think that sums it up best. Cato Neimoidia is a strange place with some strange cities, I would think there would be easier ways to build but hey I am not an engineer so who am I. It is kinda surreal to see a planet still recovering for the Clone Wars. Shea always told me that not all planets recovered for that war. I guess she was right…..I do miss her being right, I just hope she is okay.

Back to the mission, The biker gang was a need miss. They wanted to take us for everything, I have dealt with people like Kesra for most of my life so it was easy to get past her and her crew. Getting useful information out of them was a plus but I did not want to show our hand until the final card was dealt. I do think if Ghest was with us she would have grown impatient and it would have turned into a firefight.

Using Kersa’s directions we found the old warehouse where Warik was hold up. So strange driod gave us a flashlight to look into this old building and I am surprised it was still standing. We crawled into the warehouse only to have gun aimed for all angles at us. This seems to be a thing with us. Again if Ghest was with us this would been a shoot out at the O K corral(It was a good story I read about a place in a galaxy far far away). I was so close to getting us the info we need and then one slip of my word and we are fighting. I am not sure if was are getting better or they were just that bad but other then the driods pinning me and Leek taking a couple of shots we took them out easy, and this was without Ghest. Warik survived and gave lead us to The Hutt we are looking for. I hope this will go well. I feelings are starting to give me visions of a bigger threat coming.

A'rreth's Journal from Zarra

Well, it’s better then the jungle. A wrecked city on a hammock is certainly a change. I can’t help but feel like I can tell when the whole thing swings. Though it’s so big that you really can’t.

Still, I have to marvel at the Engineering to construct a city here. The only reason I can come up with as to why they didn’t just build cities on the actual ground is the weather. It’s scorching out there on the plains, but here in the canyon this thing is strung across, there’s a natural air current that keeps things somewhat comfortable.

Well, during our escapades we managed to cross a biker gang and snag a Headhunter. The gang was easy going enough. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Ghest were here. I think we would have been shot on sight with that walking arsenal around.

Finally, I got to work with something powered by an engine. We came across 2 Z95 Headhunters. One was too far gone, but the other was grounded only by incompetent “mechanics”.

Seriously, there was still a bird’s nest in the damn engine housing. And every wire was cross connected with something else… but all in all it was an easy fix. Oh, and there was a gunfight… but I’ve come to expect that. On the plus side, I broke one of the thugs’ ribs with a wrench, so that felt pretty good.

All in all it was a pretty smooth start to our time here. Now we’re off to see a Hut about a business proposal. Too bad we already took the Z95 from him……

Fash's Stash Entry 2.1
Cato Neimoidia

Well I’m finally coming into my own. I’ve been holding back not really knowing how effective I really am out in the galaxy, since I’ve spent a majority of the last several years running and hiding in slums and random systems.

With the absence of our primary fighter I was needed to take point in our patrol through the high and dangerous streets through the heavily damaged city of Zarra. Who knows at any point the ground could have given way and one of us could have fallen thousands of feet into the dark below.

We came across a swoop bike gang, the leader, Kesra, seemed really friendly but extremely cautious, wouldn’t mind meeting her again. She gave us directions to a warehouse to guide us to our final destination. Upon reaching the warehouse there were some spider droids from the clone wars converted into some sort of maintenance bots. I asked one for a flashlight so we could see better in the bombed out building we were heading into and it casually provided me with one.

A’rreth and I each stuck our heads into holes that were blown into the side of the building and yelled “Hello” to see if anyone was there. Much to our luck no one answered and there was some slight clatter of movement from within. We entered the building and immediately upon entry we spotted two Z-95 Headhunters that appeared to be in much disarray. I was excited to see some of the famous starfighters and eager to just jump into the cockpit and go crazy with the joystick. With further inspection we determined that one of the two ships was salvageable with some minor repairs.

After we had finished inspecting the crafts a Devaronian named Warik poked his head out from some crates in a corner. We had engaged in some negotiations to get him to lead us to the the Hutt Darga. Meanwhile myself and A’rreth were making repairs on the Z-95 to get it running. Unfortunately the negotiations failed before we were able to get the ship fully operational. Thankfully I was in a good position to be able to make quick work of some of the goons around me and I was able to shoot Warik’s gun out of his hand while he was trying to make an escape through one of the holes in the wall. Leek was able to corner him and get the remains of his henchmen to stand down. Quickly A’rreth and I finished the repairs and I was able to use the Z-95 to help convince Warik to take us to the Hutt.

I called Sirona to come into low orbit so I could dock with her and drop off the ship and gear we collected from the corpses of the dead.

Off to see the Hutt… I only know that the chance of meeting a bounty hunter that knows my name is marked will greatly increase when arriving at his palace.

MIKO FASH – Ace (Pilot)

Star War Journal Entry #3
Devils & Dust

Survival… that was the lesson on this mission.

From the moment we stepped foot on Felucia, we learned what the word survival meant to each of us. We survived the hazards of the terrain. We survived the encounter with the native culture. We survived the attack of a sickly rancor. We survived the combat with the stormtroopers at the outpost. But can we survive the demons we create in ourselves, when we choose to kill or let others die for our own survival?

After the “arrival” of Miko, we learned of an Imperial Star Destroyer in orbit. (Note to self – proof once again that jet packs are a horrible idea) Time was not on our side. We decided to go for the main goal first. With help of a Felucian guide , we were able to sneak into to the Imperial Facility. Strangely it was well fortified for a frontal assault, but there was no security on a ventilation shaft along the rear, not even an tripwire or alarm system. I find it surprising that with all the technology and brainpower within the Empire, an oversight like this was even made. Poor design.

As we searched the main floor, we discovered a lab. I was right! The Empire was using this base to conduct morally questionable experiments. They were mutating the native Felucians into some sort of hulking beasts bent on destroying everything in its path. The Imperial scientist freed one, hoping it would kill us. After killing the scientist and a medical droid, I set my sights on the mutated Felucians. The others ordered me not to shoot. I followed command, even though it could mean our deaths. Survival has made my heart as cold some claim. Where I saw a raging beast trying to kill us, the others saw a desperate Felucian trying to survive. The others found a drug that sedated their rage. We freed the other captive Felucians. They were elated to reunite with their mutated kin. Leek and Mer’lin gathered up all the drug samples and files concerning the experiment.

Suddenly, A’rreth called from the hallway. Stormtroopers made their way onto this floor from the lift. After dispatching them, we looted the bodies. We found enough stun grenades for everyone. I crawled through our entry shaft making sure it was clear for the Felucians, only to discover that our guide was captured by six troopers. Not a challenge for five resistance fighters now armed with stun grenades. I crawled through to snuff out the unconscious troopers. On their bodies I found concussion grenades! We sent the Felucians back to their home with their guide.

Another massive fight took place as we were swarmed by even more stormtroopers. It was during this fight that it dawned on me why I was doing most of the killing and the others could hit the broad side of a Hutt palace. They probably never have had to kill anyone face to face before. A’rreth was a mechanic. Mer’lin was a street hoodlum. MIko was a pilot. Although Leek has military training,, I don’t think he ever fought in the field before. Just a few days ago they were relaxing on the promenade and today they are surrounded by dead bodies. After today, none of them will be the same. They will all be soldiers with the memories of bodies hitting the ground after they pulled a trigger haunting their sleep. They are learning what it means to survive a war.

We freed the General from his holding cell in the basement after a close quarter combat. Miko dropped during the battle. We were unable to revive him with our current medical supplies. On the roof we “liberated” a lambda class transport and used it to fly out. With Miko Down, I had to act as a pilot. I am no ace, but can hold my own in a dog fight. Hopefully well enough to evade any Imperials following us. We headed back to the Banshee. We were greeted By Captain Okee and the newly upgraded Banshee. As we fled the planet, Col. Mandrake joined us in his Y-wing. I am glad we were able to convince him in rejoining the struggle.

Earlier the team learned to work together to survive the hazards. Later, the team learned to kill to survive. Now we must all learn that we must leave helpless primitives to die so that we survive. We accomplished our mission, but at what cost? We never learned what was killing the natives. We left the Imperials grasp on Felucia and its system in place. Is this General worth it? We gained the aid of Col. Mandrake and his Y-wing. We gained an Imperial Lambda ship. Hopefully our scientist can figure out what the Imperial were trying to accomplish with their experiments. However, we lost Felucia and its people. My heart darkens a little more today, yet I survive.

Nautiko's Notes 1.3
Mission Interrupted - Session 3

It has taken me some time to reflect on the last mission before I could put into words all that transpired. The squalid waste of the planet was only overtaken by the horrendous conditions we found at the Imperial post.

We tried to form a solid plan to enter the place quietly, perhaps causing a distraction. But given our rash nature, it was decided to sneak in as best we could and ultimately blast our way out. The Felucians didn’t want to go near this place and it was all we could do to get info and a guide to a secret location. Getting in was easy and the place was nearly vacant. But Mer’lin had some premonition or something about a room and we found the missing Felucians – tortured it appeared – made into living weapons. Our outrage got the better of us as we summarily executed the scientist and tried to free the “experiments.”

I was too shaken to be an effective combatant but the Force propped me up as I dodged a confused but angry retribution from the largest of the Felucians. We spent too much time trying to get them calm and to follow us that we didn’t get to explore the rest of the facility.

We killed enough troopers though – probably most stationed there – and freed an Imperial Officer wanted by Senator Organa. I hope he can bring us some information that will lead to the downfall of the Empire.

We struck a small blow to them, making this outpost nearly obsolete. We grabbed some ships, not only denying them but bolstering our meager task force. Unfortunately, we left too many unanswered questions with the arrival of a Star Destroyer cutting our stay short. – what else was in that facility? what is causing those Felucians harm? what more could we have done?

It was a small victory in a small battle. The war is far from over. It is going to take more training, more resources, and more missions before we can even make a dent in the Empire’s armor. At least it seems we are forming into a larger network with more powerful backing. I am anxious to get back in the field and cause more havoc.


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