Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

At peace

Mer'Lyn's Story

Felucia, I was a bit concerned when I heard we were heading there. I am used to the city life not the wilderness, but as soon as I got off of the ship my mind was at ease. Some how I was mentally ready for this walk, even more so then my companions. My vision does not show a bright end at the end of this tunnel and yet I am comfortable with that. The more I am with my fellow rebels(figured that’s what the empire will call us so lets embrace it) the more relaxed and positive I feel even when faced with a living planet trying to eat us. Then we get attacked by what we find out is some of the natives. I felt bad afterwards as we were the ones trespassing on their land. A human by the name of Colonel Mandrake. He calls off the attack and explains the situation to us. He seems to be okay. He takes us the rest of the way to the village telling use that maybe they will help as he physically unable to be much good to us. The village, the sadness that I felt in hear was…..difficult to handle. I felt that helping out the sick was the #1 task I should do and I was glad to learn some natural healing techniques from the Felcians. The chief was a proud creature but this sickness has eaten away to almost nothing. I have a strong almost bond to him and I will have to spend some more time with him as I think there is things that he can teach me. I also hope that I can convince him to help us with our cause..at least as a hiding place. Before I could ask a damn Empire scout shows up and bang we go after him riding giant wingless bird like creatures called Kybucks. We chased down the scout and dispatched of him pretty quickly and then what happens damn Rancor blows up out of the ground. Scared the crap out of me and I ran away(not everyday I get a surprise like that). Came back around after getting my senses back to find the creature with 2 smoking holes put into it by G’Hests gun. Then we pick up a radio transmission from an empire scout party nearby. After investigating we deside to set up a trap and take out the scout party(First time fitting the elite Empire soldiers called Stormtroopers). I shot at them from a distance as Leek goes for a swim in the river as A’rreth and G’Hest hide in the brush to blast these fools back to the ship they came from. Things when ok but there was a couple of close calls but in the end we fell these fools. I do think the longer we are together the better we get at understanding each others abilities and we will do some wonderful things in the future. Next up a rescue mission and destruction of a prison. I do love a good explosion


+2 XP for Mer’Lyn, for exploring his connection to the mystical energy field that surrounds us, binds us, …

At peace

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