Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

CUT SCENE #3: An Imperial Lab

What New Darkness...

A scrawny older man in a bright blue lab coat leans onto a console, studying it’s screens and touching dials and buttons. His brow is furrowed and he mutters to himself.

Pan back to see an Imperial officer standing nearby, dressed in khaki with navy blue trim (some cross between Imp Navy and Imp Intel?) His tight cap and shoulder and chest insignia indicate high rank. His hand are clasped behind his back, but his expression is of arrogant impatience.

Doctor. (waits a beat) Doctor! It has been three cycles. I respect that the (sneers) Scientific Method is a laborious process, but what progress, Doctor?

Hmm? Oh. (sighs) Captain, i’m afraid it’s a total loss. Again…

But three cycles is certainly an improvement, is it not?

Yes. Yes, but – (flustered) No. No no. It’s a loss. I will start again. Dispose of them like the others. (pounds a fist onto desktop) Blast!

- CUT to: Communications Center -
A handful of Imperials sit before consoles covered in beeping blinking lights. An officer in navy blue paces behind them.

Sir? could you take a look at this, sir?

OFFICER _ (walks over and leans in over the operator’s shoulder)_
What is it, son? More phantom blips?

Yes, sir. But this one is persistent. It isn’t steady, but it always turns up in the same place. I wouldn’t think much of it normally…

Mmm. The usual atmospheric interference? Go on…

It’s just that we haven’t heard from Post 1188 for some time. That isn’t unusual in itself, especially where they’re at. But the two are on about the same line, so it seemed, well… worth mentioning, sir.

OFFICER (standing tall again, performs the “Picard Maneuver”)
Due diligence, Ensign. Good work. Send a Scout detail. It may just be more of the locals, but we can -

Lieutenant! Dispatch for you, sir. Coded and on your secure channel.

Go ahead. Print it. (walks toward #2 casually as #2’s console rattles out a small tabbed parchment. He hands it sharply to the officer)

Indeed. (leans over CO #2 and punches a button)
Captain? A message, sir. He’s here.

(Voice Over CAPTAIN) after a pause
I’ll be right there.

We notice the Comm Ops glance nervously at each other

- WIPE -



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