Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

CUT SCENE #3.5: The Banshee

In the Air Tonight

The Banshee sits stately among the purple and green flora of the Felucian jungle.
Crates and barrels are stacked semi-neatly near the base of the boarding ramp. A few meters away, Miko stands looking skyward, holding a metal pipe to the sky like a circus juggler about to balance it on his chin… Captain Sironna is not far away, tapping her earpiece and shouting.

Hold still! You’re supposed to have steady hands! Higher!

Seriously? You could do more than just “supervise”, you know.

I have to provide your eyes and ears. Move back a step.

Miko wobbles unsteadily and tries to comply. He seems to be holding a series of pipes, tubes, ship parts, etc that are taped, soldered, and wired together to form about 10 meters of vertical “antenna”.

Next time Crash gets a “great idea”, how about asking for a second opinion first…

Look, I’ve been very sporting and have kept the length and “how he handles it” jokes to a minimum. The least you could do is keep it up. (She smirks. Miko manages a sideways stink eye. She taps on her earpiece violently) Sorry. Crash? Slow down. You’re breaking up, buddy. What? Hold on, i’m coming up. .

I’ll just, uh… stay here then.
(The “antenna” begins to teeter and he shuffles to keep it vertical)

SIRONNA (back and sliding down the ramp)
Miko! Drop it. We have a problem!

How big a problem?

Really…? Size again? How about Imperial Star Destroyer Suddenly In Orbit sized?

MIKO (letting the “antenna” fall)
There’s always someone bigger…

CUT to: Inside the Banshee

We have no comms and haven’t heard from them in hours, how do we know where they are? Or even where to look?

SIRONNA (ungracefully pulling a smuggler’s panel off the wall)
We don’t. But we have a narrow strip between here and the imperial facility to start from.

MIKO (pointing at the just-revealed smuggler’s cubby)
I totally knew that was there.

SIRONNA (digging around inside, produces a large backpack)
Here it is. Not sure it’ll work in this atmosphere, but it may be your best shot.

“My” best shot…? Wait, what?

SIRONNA (opening the big backpack up and pulling out a dented, scraped up jet pack)
What? (pause) I borrowed it from an Ex, forgot to give it back.

I’ve got a bad feeling -

- WIPE -



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