Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

Fash's Stash Entry 2.1

Cato Neimoidia

Well I’m finally coming into my own. I’ve been holding back not really knowing how effective I really am out in the galaxy, since I’ve spent a majority of the last several years running and hiding in slums and random systems.

With the absence of our primary fighter I was needed to take point in our patrol through the high and dangerous streets through the heavily damaged city of Zarra. Who knows at any point the ground could have given way and one of us could have fallen thousands of feet into the dark below.

We came across a swoop bike gang, the leader, Kesra, seemed really friendly but extremely cautious, wouldn’t mind meeting her again. She gave us directions to a warehouse to guide us to our final destination. Upon reaching the warehouse there were some spider droids from the clone wars converted into some sort of maintenance bots. I asked one for a flashlight so we could see better in the bombed out building we were heading into and it casually provided me with one.

A’rreth and I each stuck our heads into holes that were blown into the side of the building and yelled “Hello” to see if anyone was there. Much to our luck no one answered and there was some slight clatter of movement from within. We entered the building and immediately upon entry we spotted two Z-95 Headhunters that appeared to be in much disarray. I was excited to see some of the famous starfighters and eager to just jump into the cockpit and go crazy with the joystick. With further inspection we determined that one of the two ships was salvageable with some minor repairs.

After we had finished inspecting the crafts a Devaronian named Warik poked his head out from some crates in a corner. We had engaged in some negotiations to get him to lead us to the the Hutt Darga. Meanwhile myself and A’rreth were making repairs on the Z-95 to get it running. Unfortunately the negotiations failed before we were able to get the ship fully operational. Thankfully I was in a good position to be able to make quick work of some of the goons around me and I was able to shoot Warik’s gun out of his hand while he was trying to make an escape through one of the holes in the wall. Leek was able to corner him and get the remains of his henchmen to stand down. Quickly A’rreth and I finished the repairs and I was able to use the Z-95 to help convince Warik to take us to the Hutt.

I called Sirona to come into low orbit so I could dock with her and drop off the ship and gear we collected from the corpses of the dead.

Off to see the Hutt… I only know that the chance of meeting a bounty hunter that knows my name is marked will greatly increase when arriving at his palace.

MIKO FASH – Ace (Pilot)



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