Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

Mer' Lin's welcoming party

Well this is fun. I think that sums it up best. Cato Neimoidia is a strange place with some strange cities, I would think there would be easier ways to build but hey I am not an engineer so who am I. It is kinda surreal to see a planet still recovering for the Clone Wars. Shea always told me that not all planets recovered for that war. I guess she was right…..I do miss her being right, I just hope she is okay.

Back to the mission, The biker gang was a need miss. They wanted to take us for everything, I have dealt with people like Kesra for most of my life so it was easy to get past her and her crew. Getting useful information out of them was a plus but I did not want to show our hand until the final card was dealt. I do think if Ghest was with us she would have grown impatient and it would have turned into a firefight.

Using Kersa’s directions we found the old warehouse where Warik was hold up. So strange driod gave us a flashlight to look into this old building and I am surprised it was still standing. We crawled into the warehouse only to have gun aimed for all angles at us. This seems to be a thing with us. Again if Ghest was with us this would been a shoot out at the O K corral(It was a good story I read about a place in a galaxy far far away). I was so close to getting us the info we need and then one slip of my word and we are fighting. I am not sure if was are getting better or they were just that bad but other then the driods pinning me and Leek taking a couple of shots we took them out easy, and this was without Ghest. Warik survived and gave lead us to The Hutt we are looking for. I hope this will go well. I feelings are starting to give me visions of a bigger threat coming.



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