Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

Nautiko's Notes 1.3

Mission Interrupted - Session 3

It has taken me some time to reflect on the last mission before I could put into words all that transpired. The squalid waste of the planet was only overtaken by the horrendous conditions we found at the Imperial post.

We tried to form a solid plan to enter the place quietly, perhaps causing a distraction. But given our rash nature, it was decided to sneak in as best we could and ultimately blast our way out. The Felucians didn’t want to go near this place and it was all we could do to get info and a guide to a secret location. Getting in was easy and the place was nearly vacant. But Mer’lin had some premonition or something about a room and we found the missing Felucians – tortured it appeared – made into living weapons. Our outrage got the better of us as we summarily executed the scientist and tried to free the “experiments.”

I was too shaken to be an effective combatant but the Force propped me up as I dodged a confused but angry retribution from the largest of the Felucians. We spent too much time trying to get them calm and to follow us that we didn’t get to explore the rest of the facility.

We killed enough troopers though – probably most stationed there – and freed an Imperial Officer wanted by Senator Organa. I hope he can bring us some information that will lead to the downfall of the Empire.

We struck a small blow to them, making this outpost nearly obsolete. We grabbed some ships, not only denying them but bolstering our meager task force. Unfortunately, we left too many unanswered questions with the arrival of a Star Destroyer cutting our stay short. – what else was in that facility? what is causing those Felucians harm? what more could we have done?

It was a small victory in a small battle. The war is far from over. It is going to take more training, more resources, and more missions before we can even make a dent in the Empire’s armor. At least it seems we are forming into a larger network with more powerful backing. I am anxious to get back in the field and cause more havoc.



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