Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

Star War Journal Entry #3

Devils & Dust

Survival… that was the lesson on this mission.

From the moment we stepped foot on Felucia, we learned what the word survival meant to each of us. We survived the hazards of the terrain. We survived the encounter with the native culture. We survived the attack of a sickly rancor. We survived the combat with the stormtroopers at the outpost. But can we survive the demons we create in ourselves, when we choose to kill or let others die for our own survival?

After the “arrival” of Miko, we learned of an Imperial Star Destroyer in orbit. (Note to self – proof once again that jet packs are a horrible idea) Time was not on our side. We decided to go for the main goal first. With help of a Felucian guide , we were able to sneak into to the Imperial Facility. Strangely it was well fortified for a frontal assault, but there was no security on a ventilation shaft along the rear, not even an tripwire or alarm system. I find it surprising that with all the technology and brainpower within the Empire, an oversight like this was even made. Poor design.

As we searched the main floor, we discovered a lab. I was right! The Empire was using this base to conduct morally questionable experiments. They were mutating the native Felucians into some sort of hulking beasts bent on destroying everything in its path. The Imperial scientist freed one, hoping it would kill us. After killing the scientist and a medical droid, I set my sights on the mutated Felucians. The others ordered me not to shoot. I followed command, even though it could mean our deaths. Survival has made my heart as cold some claim. Where I saw a raging beast trying to kill us, the others saw a desperate Felucian trying to survive. The others found a drug that sedated their rage. We freed the other captive Felucians. They were elated to reunite with their mutated kin. Leek and Mer’lin gathered up all the drug samples and files concerning the experiment.

Suddenly, A’rreth called from the hallway. Stormtroopers made their way onto this floor from the lift. After dispatching them, we looted the bodies. We found enough stun grenades for everyone. I crawled through our entry shaft making sure it was clear for the Felucians, only to discover that our guide was captured by six troopers. Not a challenge for five resistance fighters now armed with stun grenades. I crawled through to snuff out the unconscious troopers. On their bodies I found concussion grenades! We sent the Felucians back to their home with their guide.

Another massive fight took place as we were swarmed by even more stormtroopers. It was during this fight that it dawned on me why I was doing most of the killing and the others could hit the broad side of a Hutt palace. They probably never have had to kill anyone face to face before. A’rreth was a mechanic. Mer’lin was a street hoodlum. MIko was a pilot. Although Leek has military training,, I don’t think he ever fought in the field before. Just a few days ago they were relaxing on the promenade and today they are surrounded by dead bodies. After today, none of them will be the same. They will all be soldiers with the memories of bodies hitting the ground after they pulled a trigger haunting their sleep. They are learning what it means to survive a war.

We freed the General from his holding cell in the basement after a close quarter combat. Miko dropped during the battle. We were unable to revive him with our current medical supplies. On the roof we “liberated” a lambda class transport and used it to fly out. With Miko Down, I had to act as a pilot. I am no ace, but can hold my own in a dog fight. Hopefully well enough to evade any Imperials following us. We headed back to the Banshee. We were greeted By Captain Okee and the newly upgraded Banshee. As we fled the planet, Col. Mandrake joined us in his Y-wing. I am glad we were able to convince him in rejoining the struggle.

Earlier the team learned to work together to survive the hazards. Later, the team learned to kill to survive. Now we must all learn that we must leave helpless primitives to die so that we survive. We accomplished our mission, but at what cost? We never learned what was killing the natives. We left the Imperials grasp on Felucia and its system in place. Is this General worth it? We gained the aid of Col. Mandrake and his Y-wing. We gained an Imperial Lambda ship. Hopefully our scientist can figure out what the Imperial were trying to accomplish with their experiments. However, we lost Felucia and its people. My heart darkens a little more today, yet I survive.



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