Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

What a rush

All I can say is WHOA!! what a rush. It fells good to stick it to the Empire. No GREAT!!!!! This one is for the Felucians. Although I have never thought of myself as a warrior I am beginning to gain confidence in my own strength and with the help of my friends I am beginning to feel that there is nothing we cant accomplish together.

I will say that the longer we do this the more I become just sick of the thing the Empire thinks they can get away with. I am so glad I followed my feelings into the lab to find that deplorable act. No one has a right to do that to people and they got what they deserve. I hope the chemical compounds we found can be analyzed to find out exactly what they where doing.

I am still worried about the dark feeling I had. I do think we will encounter whatever that was in the very near future. I am also still concerned about the disease that is affecting the Felucians. I feel as one of there own I need to return to help find a cure to this horrible illness. I will try and talk Captain Verana to let me return on this furlough to help them out. On the plus side we did get a couple of vehicles for our little group of rabble rousers. I just hope Miko can learn to fly one of these.



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