A'rreth R'Pas (Outlaw Technician)

Bothan Male


A’rreth always showed aptitude for Engineering and mechanical work in his early life. Choosing to take all the courses he could in primary and secondary school related to mechanical engineering and aptitude, he was persuaded to join the Imperial Military at age 20. Seeking mechanics and engineers in abundance, and offering exceptional compensation for skilled recruits, the military was a tempting offer.

A’rreth was not extremely versed in politics, knowing only what his fairly independent minded people did about the Empire and the old Republic. Seeing as his people had long been considered “friendly”, he was accepted as an NCO and after basic training, was stationed along with the Imperial garrison on Wroona, an important world on the edge of the Inner Rim.

On Wroona, he was a part of the maintenance crew for imperial military equipment including the many classes of land speeders and the heavily armed garrison’s S-1 Firehawke repulsor tanks. The unit was also equipped with 12 AT-ST walkers, all of which he had a hand in maintaining.

On the eve of the Galactic Civil War and the outbreak of open rebellion, A’rreth along with a large detachment from Wroona was transferred to the fortress base and staging point that the Empire had developed on Bacrana in the Brak sector in the Expansion Region.

There, the Empire gathered an enormous number of troops to expand into the Outer Rim and there A’rreth began to question the Empire and what it was doing. He had a career, was fairly paid, and had chances for advancement in the military, but he could not continue helping the Imperial war machine.

Being exposed to individuals within the Imperial military who thought as he did caused him to begin to despise what he was doing there Stories of atrocities and suffering caused by the growth of the Empire had begin to filter down into the ranks, and rumors of a true rebellion were rife.

News of major battles including the Battle of Komino reached across the Empire and after hearing them, he decided he had to leave. Arranging for transport off of Wroona through forged documents and a bit of luck, A’rreth attempted to leave the compound one evening. Owing to his superior knowledge of technology and computer programming, he was able to exit the base without tripping any alarms, but was caught by 2 soldiers patrolling the outermost perimeter.

Knowing what would happen to him, he made the split second decision that he was not going back and took advantage of the first soldier’s momentary distraction of his comrade calling for him to pull his weapon and fire, killing him almost instantly. The soldier got a shot off that grazed his shoulder… a lucky miss.

The second soldier fired back, but A’rreth managed to luckily avoid that shot as well, firing at the second soldier and striking him in the leg. He ran up and knocked him out as he struggled to grab for his weapon before he could call any form of backup, then escaped into the night.

Meeting with his contact, he was able to make passage to Tatooine, the nearest major planet. After station hopping and booking various transports, he found himself at Sel Zonn Station orbiting Brentaal IV.

A'rreth R'Pas (Outlaw Technician)

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