Mer'lin - Agitator (Diplomat)

Twi'lek (Force-Sensitive)


Orphaned very young, Merlin grew up on the streets, using his “gift” to survive. Usually this meant tricking people into giving him food, money, etc.

One day, he used his “trick” near another Force-sensitive, who turned him in to Senator Shea Sadashassa of Herdessa. As was her nature, the Senator took Merlin in and helped raise him, around other young Force-sensitives she was fostering.

As he grew up, Shea began to trust Merlin more and more. She began to invite him along on some of her political trips, even letting him sit in on some fairly important meetings. She knew how much he enjoyed watching people/creatures of all races to study them, and felt it was good real-world experience.

Mer'lin - Agitator (Diplomat)

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