MIKO FASH - Ace (Pilot)

Correllian (Human)


Raised on the core world of Corellia, Miko was well educated and of a middle-class environment. At the age of 6, and the end of the Clone Wars, Miko’s father, a renowned fighter pilot ace, was murdered by a bounty hunter.

A contract has been placed on any person bearing any family ties to Miko’s father. Miko is unsure of the cause of this bounty, but it seems to be linked to the Black Sun – a crime syndicate that had ties to the Separatist Confederacy during the Clone Wars. The bounty forced Miko and the remaining family to flee to the Outer Rim into unfamiliar territory.

In the years that followed, members of the Fash family were slowly killed off, one by one.

One fateful day, a small group of bounty hunters stormed into their temporary home on Bothawui. During the fighting, Miko’s mother was slain, but he was able to escape on the family’s star ship with the aid of the piloting skills his father taught him years ago. Soon after, he scrapped his ship for a small amount of credits.

Miko is the only known survivor of his family. People have mistaken Miko as a force user because of his uncanny reflexes and ability to vanish at a moment’s notice. Miko prefers to kill his enemies from a distance but is more than capable of getting his hands dirty if need be.

MIKO FASH - Ace (Pilot)

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