G'HEST (THARYN) - Sharpshooter (Soldier)

Chiss female


About one year ago, a new bounty hunter appeared on the scene seemingly from nowhere. This bounty hunter goes by the name Ghest (a Rodian predator demon). Some Rodians who encounter Ghest, whisper that it could be the real demon, claiming they saw the faint glow of red eyes through the visor of the stoic hunter’s helmet. Ghest never removes that helmet either, causing some to even worry the hunter’s true form is contained in the armor. Only a select few knew Ghest was really a woman. In fact, only one determined crime boss (insert dm engineered bad guy) knows that she is a Chiss. After learning her race and recognizing her races ability for tactics and combat, he hired her to bring him the head of Clieg Whitsun, an agent and confidante to Bail Organa, the most vocal opposition to the Emperor.

Ghest was always checking the galactic empire’s most wanted database for what she called “the true test.” This was her chance. With the lead the crime boss gave her, she knew she could finally accomplish what had eluded her for so long. She took her ship to Alderaan in search of her quarry. She located him just outside of Alderaan space. Moments later, Boba Fett, the other “hot” bounty hunter working the space lanes. arrived in the Slave 1. The two bounty hunters engaged in a dog fight which ended in Ghest crash landing on a lifeless planet. However, the struggle bought time for Clieg to escape. And that was the last anyone saw of Ghest.

Until now….

G'HEST (THARYN) - Sharpshooter (Soldier)

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