Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

At peace
Mer'Lyn's Story
Felucia, I was a bit concerned when I heard we were heading there. I am used to the city life not the wilderness, but as soon as I got off of the ship my mind was at ease. Some how I was mentally ready for this walk, even more so then my companions. My vision does not show a bright end at the end of this tunnel and yet I am comfortable with that. The more I am with my fellow rebels(figured that’s what the empire will call us so lets embrace it) the more relaxed and positive I feel even when faced with a living planet trying to eat us. Then we get attacked by what we find out is some of the natives. I felt bad afterwards as we were the ones trespassing on their land. A human by the name of Colonel Mandrake. He calls off the attack and explains the situation to us. He seems to be okay. He takes us the rest of the way to the village telling use that maybe they will help as he physically unable to be much good to us. The village, the sadness that I felt in hear was…..difficult to handle. I felt that helping out the sick was the #1 task I should do and I was glad to learn some natural healing techniques from the Felcians. The chief was a proud creature but this sickness has eaten away to almost nothing. I have a strong almost bond to him and I will have to spend some more time with him as I think there is things that he can teach me. I also hope that I can convince him to help us with our cause..at least as a hiding place. Before I could ask a damn Empire scout shows up and bang we go after him riding giant wingless bird like creatures called Kybucks. We chased down the scout and dispatched of him pretty quickly and then what happens damn Rancor blows up out of the ground. Scared the crap out of me and I ran away(not everyday I get a surprise like that). Came back around after getting my senses back to find the creature with 2 smoking holes put into it by G’Hests gun. Then we pick up a radio transmission from an empire scout party nearby. After investigating we deside to set up a trap and take out the scout party(First time fitting the elite Empire soldiers called Stormtroopers). I shot at them from a distance as Leek goes for a swim in the river as A’rreth and G’Hest hide in the brush to blast these fools back to the ship they came from. Things when ok but there was a couple of close calls but in the end we fell these fools. I do think the longer we are together the better we get at understanding each others abilities and we will do some wonderful things in the future. Next up a rescue mission and destruction of a prison. I do love a good explosion
Nautiko's Notes 1.2
Felucia Blues - Session 2

After a quick stop at Alderaan, this new force of freedom fighter’s was sent on our first mission: Felucia. A place I hope to never return to, despite the “warm” welcome. I can see why the Empire pulled out after the initial uprising was put down. Too many poisonous things and unhealthy water everywhere.

Miko hid out in the ship to help Sironna “run diagnostics” and make sure we could get off this misty nightmare. After 5 hours of trudging through poisoned toadstools and unexpected sink holes, we opened up a firefight with a Felucian Scouting party. We thought G’hest might be a goner as he fell into the murky waters and broke his rifle. We cleared out the immediate threat when a resistance fighter appeared and calmed the situation.

We headed to the “village” in hopes of finding some assistance to locate the Imperial prison. What we discovered was a village full of dying people. A’rreth thinks their food supply is being poisoned by some Imperial waste. As Mer’lin and I assisted those nursing the young, an Imperial Scout was spotted. We got a crash course on the Kybucks as we raced after him. Those are the fastest land creatures I have ever seen, able to overtake the speeder. We managed to finish off the trooper just as a Jungle Rancor attacked. G’hest, after his last training session, has become an unstoppable tank, though he needs to armor up a bit if he is going to keep taking the brunt of attacks.

What was most promising was how the unit responded as a team this time. Once we finished the rancor in record time, we spotted an Imperial outpost. Given the terrain, I went down the river to get behind the speeder bikes. Mer’lin caused a distraction to set up an ambush with G’hest and A’rreth. Though it got a bit hairy with all the troops, we managed to finish them off. G’hest was knocked out cold and I almost drowned after an unspectacular attempt to wrestle one speeder into another, but we were victorious. And we look like the small strike team we hope to become.

A'rreth's Log from Felucia
Mission 2

I hate this planet. It’s wet, smells bad, and there’s fungus everywhere. Why do mushrooms get this tall? Not to mention the acid pools that look like water, razor sharp mushrooms, and bugs everywhere. And of course the atmosphere. There’s this filmy mist that gets on everything.

Anyways…. we landed and started the 5 hour hike to where we thought the prison facility was. Along the way I got a face full of fire, saw Ghest step in acid water, nearly fell into a pit, and almost got razor sharp mushrooms in the foot. Then there was the annoyingly aggressive natives. Wasn’t even coming here for them and they assume we’re here to hunt them. Talk about an ego.

And on top of all of this, no technology around at all. I mean… why? So we found a resistance fighter. Human from the looks of him (why is nearly everyone Human?) and he was friendly with the natives. He took us to a camp, helped us with some food and such, then we ended up in a camp full of natives.

After 6 hours in the jungle I had to pee. I mean who wouldn’t? So I step behind a mushroom and this Kybuck gets all hissy with me for doing it. A bit of growling scared him off but his friend kept trying to watch. Wierdo.

A bit later we meet the chief, which was kind of sad. I mean… something’s making these people sick. I think it’s radiation poisoning in the ground water or something similar from a portable ion decay generator associated with this prison we’re supposed to get to, but I need a scanner to confirm that. I mean… I’m not a doctor.And of course, scanners are worthless in this atmosphere. Every piece of technology seems to be affected by it.

Just then a scout speeder shows up, but its repulsor engine was struggling. So we jumped on the Kybucks (who were still pissed off at me for some dumb reason) but after kicking a few away I caught up to the group.

Ghest did some fancy work and knocked the guy off the bike, killing him, but then of course… we ran into a damn Rancor. He burst our of the hillside but was definitely weakened by the same thing that is affecting the natives here. He went down pretty fast thanks to Ghest putting 2 large holes in his back, and I wanted to check out what was making him sick. Everybody was all worked up about my methods, but I know I’ve seen this kind of sickness somewhere and I definitely think it’s radiation poisoning from a generator’s waste products. Without a scanner though there’s no way to be completely sure.

I mean come on… why does everybody see taking something seriously and thoroughly as disgusting? Cutting him open and seeing what he ate was a great way to get information. Same with looking at poop. It’s no worse then that black junk the natives were eating. Such babies in this group….

Continuing on, we came to the prison facility. Having scavenged the comm unit from the dead speeder trooper, I could hear them calling him on the radio. Mer’lin ran out in to the clearing on his Kybuck as a distraction. I called out on the radio pretending to be the trooper and identified one hostile. (Believe me, I fiddled with that lone piece of technology most of the trip).

They took the bait and 2 more speeders came out after him. Meanwhile Ghest sniped at the others at the facility taking fire and getting knocked out before they were both dead. Leek swam up stream and using some ninja skills, put a lot of hurt into the speeder drivers before going uinderwater again.

We managed to take the drivers out as a team before Ghest needed an emergency stim pack to get up and finish off the remaining trooper.

Scavenging the bodies… I finally got a decent sidearm. A great condition Imperial issue Blaster Pistol. No more slug thrower for me!

So now we need to go inside…….

"I've got a bad feeling about this..."

The Banshee approaches the green & purple planet Felucia

Nice entry, Fly Boy. i think you’re getting the hang of her. I think she may even like you.

brrdrrrrp woo woo blup

(pokes the droid with a foot under the console)

There. (points out window) Set her down there. See that clearing?

See? I can’t see anything in all this goop, it’s all over the windows. What is this stuff anyway…?

Atmospheric oddity, for sure. Must be given off by those gigantic mushrooms. Maybe spores or something.

beep boop. brrrrrr dull whup whup


Yeah. That will both help us AND complicate things. Crash says whatever this atmospheric “goop” is, it’s fouling with our sensors and electronics. Will make comms an issue, too.

How can you be sure we’re in the right spot then?

Kid, sometimes you fly on instinct. Look, we’re still well outside their tracking range and this dense jungle growth will make us almost impossible to see us, even from above.

“Almost”. Great.

(loud THUMP and crew are jostled in the cockpit)


(points a thumb back at RX-3) That was him. Not me.


Well, aren’t you two getting along famously. Seriously? Ding my ship and i’ll -
Anyway… I’ll head down and get your pals squared away. You and Crash get busy, see if you can make out how serious our blindness is going to be. Wouldn’t hurt to run an engine diagnostic, make sure it won’t affect our next take-off too…



EXTERIOR: ALDERAAN. Beautiful, sweeping landscape. Rolling hills, distant mountains, pearly blue water, waterfalls. A shining steel and marble city in distance.

EXTERIOR: ALDERAAN, CAPITAL CITY, GRAND PALACE in center of shot. Slow zoom toward the Palace.

INTERIOR: PALACE MEETING ROOM. A well-appointed, even lush chamber with shiny table and a half-dozen chairs. Walls adorned with banners and tapestries. A goateed, well-dressed senatorial-robed Bail Organa stands near room’s tall double doors, talking with Captain Sironna and Cliegg Whitsun, who wears loose light clothing and rubs his mussed hair with a towel he has draped around his shoulders. Two Guards stand at attention abreast the doors, their blue & gold armor and robes identifying them clearly as Alderaanian Security.

The information you have brought us is incredible, Cliegg. This will give us further opportunities to fight back and let the Emperor know we will not be ignored.
He places his hand warmly on Cliegg’s shoulder

Sure thing, Senator. I saw some terrible things in the Deep Core. The Emperor is not who most people think he is.

Senator, our next move should be to get the Admiral off of Felucia. They won’t know we’re coming. We might have a chance if we hurry. I volunteer to fly the new crew. They work well together and may have the skills to pull it off.

ORGANA (thoughtful, pacing toward large tall windows)
It’s tempting. If the Admiral is truly repentant, and the intel he has shared with me prior to him going dark has been truthful so far, he may have the pieces we are missing. Felucia is a dangerous place, Captain. And i’m not talking about Imperials. Their presence has been minimal since the war. Mostly just occupational forces in the major cities. And the prison facility hidden in the jungle that Cliegg has given us intel on.

SIRONNA (hands on hips as she starts working thru a plan in her head)
Sir, if we approach the prison complex, we won’t have to go anywhere near the cities -

CLIEGG (stops drying his hair a moment)
And our intel tells us the prison facility itself has a minimal contingent, Sir.

Yes, the Empire wouldn’t want a large force there to broadcast it’s presence. Makes sense.
Without your intelligence, Cliegg, no one would ever have known it was even there. Probably the last remnant of the Emperor’s military presence on a world he no longer cares about.

Yes, Sir. I’ll leave it to you to decide what’s next. I’d like to go see my son now. By your leave?

ORGANA (distractedly waving one hand)
Of course, Cliegg. And thank you for your service, old friend.

CLIEGG (walking out door)
It’s what I do.

Well? Give them a chance to prove they’re really into this? I’ll be there to keep an eye on them.

ORGANA (sighs)
Very well.

SIRONNA turns to run through doors -

Sironna? Bring everyone home.

SIRONNA (over her shoulder)
Always do, Sir! Always do.

ORGANA (turns back to look thoughtfully out windows)

- WIPE -

Captain's (Sironna's) Log - Operation: Wampa Succeeds
Reap What You Sow, Emperor

These new recruits are okay so far.

  • Miko needs some confidence boosting, I’ll see what I can do about that. Maybe a “hands-on” approach (wink).
  • G’hest continues to impress. Would make a good bodyguard.
  • Leek will have his chance to shine. Maybe soon, too. Class act critter, tho. I trust the ole fish-head.
  • Mer’lin is still an enigma. Shame about Senator Shea, she was a good egg. He may be “lost” for a bit as he adjusts to life w/o her, but we’ll keep good care of him. He’s among friends here. Something about him, tho (and no, I don’t generally succumb to Twi’lek charms… It’s something else).
  • This shady Bothan is supposedly whiz-bang mech, but I’ve yet to see it (or need it, so we’ll see). Will need to keep this one under close watch, for now.

I’ve sold the Senator on these guys working for us on further “terrorist” (hah, love that. Good ole propaganda mission!) missions. He trusts me and I just have a feeling about (most of) this crew…

Operation: Wampa succeeds.
So, Cliegg is back! Missed the old guy. Interesting choice he made – having himself frozen in a carbonite slab. Guess the Imperials were closing in on him and with Deep Core so heavily blockaded and regulated, it seemed more likely that “cargo” would get thru where a “passenger” might be found out. Clever guy. Organa, always the stand-up guy and thinking ahead, had Clieg’s son Owen (handsome guy!) brought in so he’d be there when Clieg arrived. It was fun to hear them argue (Owen wants dad to come back to Tatooine and retire from his “secret agent” lifestyle. Yeah, like THAT’S going to happen. Hah.)

ClieggLarsHS-SWE.jpgClieeg Whitsun
Young_owen.jpgOwen Whitsun

The intel Cliegg has brought back is unbelievably huge. Big things are brewing…

Shame we had to take out so many Imperials. The violence is escalating and this new crew made a LOT of noise on Sel Zonn. This is both a good thing (an Imperial bloody nose is always funny) AND a bad thing (I think we have their attention now). I wonder sometimes about what we’re doing. But I owe the Senator my life and will go any distance for any cause he pursues. I just fear we may have started a wave that will only pick up momentum now and sweep us, helpless, along with it… I’m afraid, but it feels right. I hope i’m right…

Fash's Stash entry 1.2
Sel Zonn Station Escape

I’ve spent the majority of the last 10 years running from Imperials, bounty hunters and the like. So here I am for the first time standing my ground, no more running no more hiding. I have frequently thought about killing the perpetrators behind my father and the rest of my family’s demise, but that didn’t prepare me for the first time that I would actually kill someone. I slaughtered a Rodian standing inches from me. I tell myself it was for the greater good, but I (or we) don’t really know. No one said a word or anything just a loud bang and we just started shooting the moment that group entered the door, we put them all down without any hesitation. Is this who I am? A killer? If that’s the case then the rebellion should be so lucky.

We went to go retrieve the package that the others were so adamant about getting. I’m assuming they knew that the hangar was ray shielded so a couple of the others had to slice their way in but typically in this type of facility usually only has a magnetic shield preventing atmospheric evacuation and ships can easily pass through without any resistance. I’m gonna have to teach them about docking procedures because they turned off all shields and put everything unnecessarily at risk. As we enter I see someone wearing mandalorian armor, which is I know is increasingly common for bounty hunters to wear. It was much easier this time (mentally) to kill these Duros, but I almost lost control of my inner hatred and probably would have destroyed the entire station from the inside out. Instead only half of this hangar before we extracted the package.

I have never had my piloting skills tested in true combat and it’s been years since they’ve been tested at all. I doubt they bought my reluctance to fly behind the veil of respect I tried to show. As I sat down in the seat it all came back to me in a flurry of memories and reflexes queuing up ready to go. The most important thing we had to do was escape at this point, as a quick study of the systems I knew that this ship was no match for a squadron of Ties. The coordinates to Alderaan get punched into the navicomputer and here we are less than a day away in hyperspace.

The road looks bleak but I know the end of it is out of sight and a long ways away, we’ll see what turns and hills we come across along the way.

MIKO FASH – Ace (Pilot)


“The Terrorists aboard Sel Zonn Station met stiff Imperial resistance, yet still committed further acts of violence, sabotage, and murder, with the help of some local unsavory types and a suspected bounty hunter team. Minor damage was done to Hangar 2 on Blue Deck. (Images show mechanics welding some plating back in place in an otherwise spotless area of a hangar bay, clearly NOT Blue Deck HB 2). A number of Imperial Navy Peacekeepers were ambushed and tied up while the latest atrocities were committed before them. The terrorists were chased away from Brentaal IV by Imperial TIE pilots in a dramatic battle, giving the TIE pilots a chance to show their superiority. The dissident terrorists fled into hyperspace”.

“In related news, Ganga Lor, notable crime lord of the Below Decks was found murdered, along with his bodyguard. It seems likely he had been aiding and abetting the terrorists before they turned on him, shooting him repeatedly while tied up, execution style. His former partner, the popular protocol droid, ”/characters/switch" class=“wiki-content-link”>Switch, said ‘Ganga Lor was an efficient ally and a suitable business partner, his place will challenging to fill’ ".

Star War Journal Entry #1
Flying lessons

While trying to get the package from the malfunctioning machine named switch, we were thrown into a conflict between the droid and his boss/partner, Ganga Lor. My team defeated Ganga Lor’s Rodian thugs. I captured Ganga Lor alive so that the Droid, who claims to value information, could torture any information this “partner” might have been keeping from him. Instead this Droid killed Ganga Lor commenting on our “sentient being’s problem with life and death.” It’s flawed logic not only fails to see an opportunity to extract whatever “valuable information” his attacker may have had before killing him, it no longer considers itself to be sentient. In any case, Switch gave up the location of my package, after convincing my all-to-eager teammates to agree to a data exchange relationship with it. I personally never want to see that illogical instrument again.
The package was on an imperial controlled dock. We used Captain Sironna’s craft to enter the dock saving time and having to fight our way in. We just had to rely on A’rreth’s and Merlin’s hacking skills. It took them a minute , but they were able to lower the force shields to get us in. Boba Fett and his goons beat us to the punch and had already opened my package. I am really starting to hate that guy. (note to self: jetpacks are too unreliable to be used in combat.) The human, Miko, had to fire the ships cannons to finally hit something. I am beginning to think he just likes destroying inanimate objects as he did more damage to the station than to anything else. Sironna and I laid down cover as Leek ran on got the package on board. Thanks to Sironna and my cape, I made it on board the ship just as it took off. Leek saved us from a dog fight as his quick thinking sent us into a hyper jump.
We have been branded as terrorists, and I am sure footage of us destroying the dock will also be broadcast across the holonet. I hope to expand on this and use it to spread the word that even the empire fears G’Hest’s wrath. As for our package… Clieg Whitsun will once again be returned home. That’s if he survived the carbonite freezing process. A loss for the Empire, but I am still a long way from passing my test.

Mer' Lin
This is for you Senator
Terrorists……I have no issue being branded as such and I hope we have lived up to the label. That cargo bay was looking like it belonged on the lower deck of the station when we got through with it. This package is a living person though. What kind of evil would do that to someone and why. I am starting to get a feeling with this group. Seems to be a good one. Still cant use the force to see what will happen in the future but sometimes a gut feeling is just as trustworthy. I wish the Senator was around so I could show her the all that time on the computer would pay off in a good way….Mo…..no must stay strong for her. I will help this cause any way I can even if it means more sacrifices.

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