Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

Captain's (Sironna's) Log - Operation: Wampa Succeeds
Reap What You Sow, Emperor

These new recruits are okay so far.

  • Miko needs some confidence boosting, I’ll see what I can do about that. Maybe a “hands-on” approach (wink).
  • G’hest continues to impress. Would make a good bodyguard.
  • Leek will have his chance to shine. Maybe soon, too. Class act critter, tho. I trust the ole fish-head.
  • Mer’lin is still an enigma. Shame about Senator Shea, she was a good egg. He may be “lost” for a bit as he adjusts to life w/o her, but we’ll keep good care of him. He’s among friends here. Something about him, tho (and no, I don’t generally succumb to Twi’lek charms… It’s something else).
  • This shady Bothan is supposedly whiz-bang mech, but I’ve yet to see it (or need it, so we’ll see). Will need to keep this one under close watch, for now.

I’ve sold the Senator on these guys working for us on further “terrorist” (hah, love that. Good ole propaganda mission!) missions. He trusts me and I just have a feeling about (most of) this crew…

Operation: Wampa succeeds.
So, Cliegg is back! Missed the old guy. Interesting choice he made – having himself frozen in a carbonite slab. Guess the Imperials were closing in on him and with Deep Core so heavily blockaded and regulated, it seemed more likely that “cargo” would get thru where a “passenger” might be found out. Clever guy. Organa, always the stand-up guy and thinking ahead, had Clieg’s son Owen (handsome guy!) brought in so he’d be there when Clieg arrived. It was fun to hear them argue (Owen wants dad to come back to Tatooine and retire from his “secret agent” lifestyle. Yeah, like THAT’S going to happen. Hah.)

ClieggLarsHS-SWE.jpgClieeg Whitsun
Young_owen.jpgOwen Whitsun

The intel Cliegg has brought back is unbelievably huge. Big things are brewing…

Shame we had to take out so many Imperials. The violence is escalating and this new crew made a LOT of noise on Sel Zonn. This is both a good thing (an Imperial bloody nose is always funny) AND a bad thing (I think we have their attention now). I wonder sometimes about what we’re doing. But I owe the Senator my life and will go any distance for any cause he pursues. I just fear we may have started a wave that will only pick up momentum now and sweep us, helpless, along with it… I’m afraid, but it feels right. I hope i’m right…

Fash's Stash entry 1.2
Sel Zonn Station Escape

I’ve spent the majority of the last 10 years running from Imperials, bounty hunters and the like. So here I am for the first time standing my ground, no more running no more hiding. I have frequently thought about killing the perpetrators behind my father and the rest of my family’s demise, but that didn’t prepare me for the first time that I would actually kill someone. I slaughtered a Rodian standing inches from me. I tell myself it was for the greater good, but I (or we) don’t really know. No one said a word or anything just a loud bang and we just started shooting the moment that group entered the door, we put them all down without any hesitation. Is this who I am? A killer? If that’s the case then the rebellion should be so lucky.

We went to go retrieve the package that the others were so adamant about getting. I’m assuming they knew that the hangar was ray shielded so a couple of the others had to slice their way in but typically in this type of facility usually only has a magnetic shield preventing atmospheric evacuation and ships can easily pass through without any resistance. I’m gonna have to teach them about docking procedures because they turned off all shields and put everything unnecessarily at risk. As we enter I see someone wearing mandalorian armor, which is I know is increasingly common for bounty hunters to wear. It was much easier this time (mentally) to kill these Duros, but I almost lost control of my inner hatred and probably would have destroyed the entire station from the inside out. Instead only half of this hangar before we extracted the package.

I have never had my piloting skills tested in true combat and it’s been years since they’ve been tested at all. I doubt they bought my reluctance to fly behind the veil of respect I tried to show. As I sat down in the seat it all came back to me in a flurry of memories and reflexes queuing up ready to go. The most important thing we had to do was escape at this point, as a quick study of the systems I knew that this ship was no match for a squadron of Ties. The coordinates to Alderaan get punched into the navicomputer and here we are less than a day away in hyperspace.

The road looks bleak but I know the end of it is out of sight and a long ways away, we’ll see what turns and hills we come across along the way.

MIKO FASH – Ace (Pilot)


“The Terrorists aboard Sel Zonn Station met stiff Imperial resistance, yet still committed further acts of violence, sabotage, and murder, with the help of some local unsavory types and a suspected bounty hunter team. Minor damage was done to Hangar 2 on Blue Deck. (Images show mechanics welding some plating back in place in an otherwise spotless area of a hangar bay, clearly NOT Blue Deck HB 2). A number of Imperial Navy Peacekeepers were ambushed and tied up while the latest atrocities were committed before them. The terrorists were chased away from Brentaal IV by Imperial TIE pilots in a dramatic battle, giving the TIE pilots a chance to show their superiority. The dissident terrorists fled into hyperspace”.

“In related news, Ganga Lor, notable crime lord of the Below Decks was found murdered, along with his bodyguard. It seems likely he had been aiding and abetting the terrorists before they turned on him, shooting him repeatedly while tied up, execution style. His former partner, the popular protocol droid, ”/characters/switch" class=“wiki-content-link”>Switch, said ‘Ganga Lor was an efficient ally and a suitable business partner, his place will challenging to fill’ ".

Star War Journal Entry #1
Flying lessons

While trying to get the package from the malfunctioning machine named switch, we were thrown into a conflict between the droid and his boss/partner, Ganga Lor. My team defeated Ganga Lor’s Rodian thugs. I captured Ganga Lor alive so that the Droid, who claims to value information, could torture any information this “partner” might have been keeping from him. Instead this Droid killed Ganga Lor commenting on our “sentient being’s problem with life and death.” It’s flawed logic not only fails to see an opportunity to extract whatever “valuable information” his attacker may have had before killing him, it no longer considers itself to be sentient. In any case, Switch gave up the location of my package, after convincing my all-to-eager teammates to agree to a data exchange relationship with it. I personally never want to see that illogical instrument again.
The package was on an imperial controlled dock. We used Captain Sironna’s craft to enter the dock saving time and having to fight our way in. We just had to rely on A’rreth’s and Merlin’s hacking skills. It took them a minute , but they were able to lower the force shields to get us in. Boba Fett and his goons beat us to the punch and had already opened my package. I am really starting to hate that guy. (note to self: jetpacks are too unreliable to be used in combat.) The human, Miko, had to fire the ships cannons to finally hit something. I am beginning to think he just likes destroying inanimate objects as he did more damage to the station than to anything else. Sironna and I laid down cover as Leek ran on got the package on board. Thanks to Sironna and my cape, I made it on board the ship just as it took off. Leek saved us from a dog fight as his quick thinking sent us into a hyper jump.
We have been branded as terrorists, and I am sure footage of us destroying the dock will also be broadcast across the holonet. I hope to expand on this and use it to spread the word that even the empire fears G’Hest’s wrath. As for our package… Clieg Whitsun will once again be returned home. That’s if he survived the carbonite freezing process. A loss for the Empire, but I am still a long way from passing my test.

Mer' Lin
This is for you Senator
Terrorists……I have no issue being branded as such and I hope we have lived up to the label. That cargo bay was looking like it belonged on the lower deck of the station when we got through with it. This package is a living person though. What kind of evil would do that to someone and why. I am starting to get a feeling with this group. Seems to be a good one. Still cant use the force to see what will happen in the future but sometimes a gut feeling is just as trustworthy. I wish the Senator was around so I could show her the all that time on the computer would pay off in a good way….Mo…..no must stay strong for her. I will help this cause any way I can even if it means more sacrifices.
Nautiko's Notes 1.1
Session 1

They branded us terrorists and that is what we gave them. It felt good to shake off the silent opposition against the oppressive Empire and do something about it. From causing a ruckus on the promenade to defeating a gang lord and his goons, to blowing out half a landing bay, our little group quickly gelled and embraced the “terrorist” label.

During the process, we sprung our former colleague, Clieg Whitsun, from the Imperial grasp. I had no idea my recruiting mission would turn into a rescue mission. Unfortunately, he appears to be frozen in some type of carbon process. Just another of the unspeakable horrors of the present regime. I can’t imagine anyone surviving that ordeal.

We head back to Alderaan to see what lies ahead. I hope that we can continue to strike at the regime. We have a long way to go. Our Captain is in need of some serious bacta infusions. Our Pilot is a bit reluctant to take the role assigned him. Our Tech has a bit of trouble slicing into systems. But I can’t complain as my military training is too rusty. I feel I have been behind a desk too long to help in combat, blasting the place up instead of ever hitting anything. But behind the flight controls of a ship I still feel at home. My familiarity with the hyperlanes got us out in the nick of time. Though I would have rather had a decisive victory, there was no way our converted yacht was going to hold off a Star Destroyer. We’ll hopefully be better prepared…next time,,,,,

GENN/HOLOCRON Broadcast - Update
Related News - Terrorism Mastermind Apprehended

Also coming across the Holocron feed:

GENN can now report that the presumed leader of today’s terror attack on Sel Zonn Station has been taken into Imperial custody”.

Jerky video footage then shows Imperial Navy Troopers bringing a cuffed woman out of a popular sabaac den. They pass her to Imperial Stormtroopers who escort her away. The caption below the footage scrolls: “Former Republic Senator Shea Sadashassa Arrested!”
Mer’lin watches the footage in horror. But he sees the Senator signal something behind her back as she is turned away from the camera, despite the magnetic cuffs holding her wrists tight . She has taught him some valuable hand-signals and gestures that they sometimes use during political meetings. He’s pretty sure she signed the symbols for “Friend/Ally” and “Run!”

Terrorism on Sel Zonn Station

While typing the Landing Clearance Codes into Switch’s computer terminal, A’rreth sees a news window pop up on the corner of the screen (he taps “MUTE” quickly). These broadcasts will be showing on every screen, terminal, and monitor throughout the Core:

“GENN* Holocron Breaking News – Terrorist attack on Sel Zonn Station today. A group of dissidents, caught trying to smuggle a known traitor & felon off the station, engaged local peacekeepers in blaster-fire today. Three Imperial Navy Troopers were brutally executed in public on the Promenade area of Sel Zonn Station after a routine stop of a suspicious-acting alien turned violent. The assailants were clearly working together and it is believed the troopers were targeted as part of a terrorist attack. We have video of the incident, be warned, it is very graphic.”

The screen then fills with images of the party striking & shooting the troopers, with emphasis on the quick moments that one of the troopers appear unarmed and party members can be seen talking to each other while shooting/fighting.

Following the video images, still shots of each of the PCs appear, of course caught in their most menacing poses. A caption scrolls below each picture,

WANTED for vandalism, murder, and treason against the Empire. Assumed armed and dangerous – do not engage, report them to nearest Imperial Peacekeeping Post”

It will also be discovered later that the video moment of the Bothan shooting the Imperial Navy trooper in the back has gone viral around the galaxy. It will even be rumored that certain cantinas in the Mid & Outer Rim Worlds play it as part of their music mixes, often to cheers from civilian revelers.

  • GENN = Galactic Empire News Network
Journal Entry 0

It’s been a long trip from Wroona, but I think things may have just changed for the better.

Laying low and working odd jobs to keep some credits in my pockets was one thing, but this may just be something all together life changing.

I was just doing some odd work in the bay, when I noticed a well appointed ship land. At first it looked like another rich kid for the gaming tables, but this ship… this thing was loaded. Imperial tech, astrotech, aftermarket boosters… and the list goes on. This was definitely somebody who needed a good mechanic. Maybe… just maybe I thought… this was a ticket out of here and away from daily near misses with the navy troops on the station.

Out of the ship walks this blue guy. Fancy armor and cagey by the looks of him, followed by a Human. She seemed to be in charge, but this guy was the one to follow. So I did.

Well, he managed to get ambushed and stabbed by this Duros. I could hear the commotion, but by the time I got there, he was on the promenade, and the Duros was hanging back and watching him from the shadows. Well… this guy was my potential ticket off of here, providing he needed a mechanic… and survived.

After stabbing the Duros in the back and letting him drop heavily to the ground, I watched as the blue guy and some Twi’lek got harassed by those navy assholes.

I made the decision that I was leaving, and it would be on this blue guy’s ship. And I hate those guys…. those were the soldiers that kept harassing me. Just the other day they had tried, and I was close to doing something about it when Leek happened upon us and stopped it.

And now that you mention it… Leek was there too. He was already trying to get in the middle of things. Well… he has good intentions and definitely has presence, but these guys seem to REALLY want the blue guy. This is going to turn bad any second, so…. may as well surprise them.

I shot one of them in the back. The bigger jerk of the three. Things went south from there, but all that matters is that we killed the three of them as a group and made a quick getaway down the elevators.

As we all spoke, I found out that they are some kind of dissident group… and they really DO need a mechanic. Thanks to Leek, they accepted me. At least by word for the moment. Miko was there too.. too bad about his dad, but we had spoken a few days before on the transport in. I am glad he’s alright, and that he’s here. At least that’s a few people I know in on this. And it doesn’t hurt that they seem to hate the empire. I can probably help a little on that front.

So we laid low and went to meet one of the blue guy’s contacts. Ghest was his name by the way… and we needed to go to a cargo bay and meet someone named Switch.

Well…. Switch was a droid. And he had a smart ass R5 with him. I heard that comment, tin can. I get the “jist” of at least a little Binary…

Switch was a jerk too. Insisting on payment for a package of some sort that had already had pickup arranged. I have no idea what this is about, but if it’s for this group…. well… they’re my best and only shot of getting out of here.

So… after thinking on it as the others squabbled, I gave Switch some info about the Wroona base. It’s half strength, could be broken into by someone who knows what they are doing, steal some weapons, etc…

Well, he seemed interested, so I gave him the access codes I could remember. Willing to gamble on it, he then told us where the package was. And then this gangster walks in and ruins everything…..

Fash's Stash entry 0.1
Sel Zonn Station

     Been wandering around the station for some time now… I was sent here by an acquaintance named Ghest to find someone to help me with my “travels”. Not to my surprise I see said acquaintance walking into the promenade with a hilt sticking out of his back… I can see Ghest is trying to get to the elevators but some Imperial scum is trying to impede Ghest’s progress. My first thought is to cause a distraction by firing my blaster in a safe direction. The naval guards don’t even glance in my direction which was a good and bad thing, bad no distraction, good I could fire directly at them unhindered.
     After the guards are dispatched I tag along with the other misfits for no other reason than to escape the area to avoid capture. After talking with Cpt Sironna I got a job piloting one of their ships, if not a way for me to escape back into hiding then a seemingly organized group of people behind me.
P.S. I hate droids that can speak basic… shut up and go away.
MIKO FASH – Ace (Pilot)


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