Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

Star War Journal Entry 3.5 (G'Hest)

Back in Black

Upon returning to the Resurgence, Col. Mandrake sensed my frustration with leaving an Empire communications array and Lab on Felucia, not to mention the dying Felucians. He admitted he felt the same way, having lived with the Felucians for years. The Felucians are great warriors and survivalists and would make great environment specialist troopers for the Resistance, but more importantly destroying the communications array for that sector would cripple troop, and fleet dispatch orders in that sector. My uncle always said, “A clear line of communication is crucial to a mobilized army.” We convinced Senator Organa and Captain Verdana to let us take our newly acquired Lambda class ship back to Felucia for a commando mission.

. Along the voyage, I discussed battle strategy with the Colonel. My plan was to use the Felucians in a hit and run tactics against the Empire’s forces, taking advantage of their intimate knowledge of the hazards of the land while the atmosphere restrictied all long range communications. Basically, the further they were able to draw their forces away from the outpost, the easier it would be for the natives to take down their now lost invaders. While the Felucians, were keeping the Empire busy, I would sneak into the bases to retrieve any info on what could be killing the natives, and destroy the satellite array. I wanted Mandrake to join me, but he wisely refused. He reminded me of his injured leg, and felt his strategic mind and knowledge of the Felucians way of communicating, and tactics would best be served on the outside battlegrounds. I had to agree. He has an amazing tactical mind and a real physical presence. I must admit, for a human, he would make a great breeding partner. But I digress…
. We land at his old campsite without complications. The Star Destroyer is long gone, leaving it easy for us to slide in under the radar. Arriving at the village, Mandrake is given a hero’s welcome, while I make my way over to Fluffy. She is happy to see me, especially after I give her a treat. When the Chieftain climbs out of the hut, he demands us to come to him. Mandrake uses his familiarity with the Felucian ways to convince the Chieftain to help. The Chieftain agrees to allow any warriors to help our effort, but will not force any into combat. Surprisingly, over 75% of the available warriors volunteered with blood in their eyes. Mandrake and I laid out the battle plan for them.
.. As soon as we were ready, I bid them good fortune, and took Fluffy to the base. The exhaust port we used the last time was repaired and sealed. I waited in hiding until I heard the Empire forces respond to the Felucian uprising. It wasn’t but a few breaths before I heard the AT-ST mobilize and blaster fire commence. We predicted they Empire would send the AT-ST out immediately showing off their might, in hope to send shock and awe into the “savages” of this world. Little did they know, we planned for that. The Empire’s greatest tactical weakness is their tactical uniformity. None-the-less, with the troops on the move, this was my chance to scale the wall and infiltrate the base. Grappling to the roof and began my decent into the outpost. Through luck and skill, I made my way to the Lab, without anyone noticing me.
.. I searched for any clue as to what was involved in the experiments, and what could be poisoning the Felucians. Suddenly, I heard to voices approaching from the hallway. I quickly ducked out of sight as an officer/doctor and his subordinate entered the room. The officer was expressing his disgust with the command of the outpost and ordered his lackey to wipe all records. The doctor had a conceited way about his “genius” that reminded me of my uncle. After a few ticks, the officer left, leaving his technician to do all the grunt work. Stealthily, I approached the tech from behind. Shoving the business end of my rifle in between his shoulder blades, I “hinted” that it would be a good idea to transfer all the files onto my datapad. He did so, with only the slightest hesitation, explaining all the while that it would do me no good because the files are encrypted so well that no resistance fighter could ever hope to slice it. I informed him that I will take my chance with that. As he feels me grab the datapad, he figures this was his chance and spins around drawing his blaster, only to be pointing it at thin air. I was already in the shadows. He sounded the alarm and called for the guards. As they entered the main door to the lab, I left through the back, but not before leaving them an explosive bouquet of frag grenades. Through the confusion, I made my way back to the roof.
. As I was rappelling down my rope, several troopers began firing on me from below and the AT-ST returned. But to my surprise the AT-ST opened fire on the Stormtroopers and not me. The AT-ST hatch opened up, and a celebrating Felucian popped from it. Taking a moment of pride, I finished my way down and back onto Fluffy. There was still work to be done. With haste I made my way to the communications array and began planting the charges. It was fairly easy due the Empire forces being bewildered how they could be losing to these “savages.”
. I arrived back at the village for the victory celebration, just as the array detonated in a glorious burst that shook the very ground. The victory was bitter sweet though, as the Chieftain informed me that 12 Felucians and 4 Kybucks paid the ultimate price for their planet’s freedom. I stayed for the burial rituals to give honor the dead, and to learn more about this race. I painted 12 green chevrons on my right arm and 4 yellow claw marks on the corresponding pauldron. This way the fallen will continue to fight by my side against the empire. I then took one last ride on fluffy, before shipping off.
. This should delay the empire long enough for the resistance to gain a foothold in this sector. I hope the resistance slicers can crack this datapad, and discover just what the Empire was up to and was was poisoning the inhabitants of Felucia. On our way back to the Resurgence, an encrypted message came through a secure channel, informing me that my squad had gotten themselves in over their head trying to discover Darga the Hutt’s whereabouts. My presence was requested by Captain Verana to provide them with some fire support. After hearing the details, I asked Mandrake to drop me off at the next station. Here we go again, out of the frying pan and into the fire….



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