Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

Star War Journal Entry 4 (G'Hest)

Friends in low places

. Using my contacts as a bounty hunter, I made my way to Darga’s Den on Cato Neimoidia. I was intrigued at the engineering of a city suspended between two rock formations of the planet’s ocean surface. Cato Neimoidia is known for its wealth and a hub of the trade federation. Now why would Darga want to set up shop here? Is the Trade Federation also involved with the Titan Project? Titan Project is something the Empire is believed to have business dealings with Darga for. Could the Remnants of the Trade Federation also have something to do with it? The Clone Wars was between the Trade Federation and the Old Republic (the now Empire). Could it be that they are now collaborating via a Hutt? It is our mission to discover is Darga truly working with the Empire and what exactly is Titan Project.

. As G’hest, I was able to enter the den without any trouble. There, I acted the part of a cold bounty hunter, while I waited for the team to finally get here. I did not have to wait long as my team blundered their way in the Darga’s court. They stuck out like sore thumbs. As they attempted to gather information, I slipped out to a secure area that I noticed had lower security. At least they are a good distraction. I did get noticed by one Gammorean guard. I tried Lying, then intimidation, but when that didn’t work, I had to resort to lethal force. Getting in a “scuffle” of their own, they ran in my direction. I still think it wasn’t until I spoke that Leek and A’rreth realized who I was. Apparently, I play the role of a cold bounty hunter little too well.
. We made our way to some kind of menagerie. After searching the storehouse to the menagerie, we found a ton of arms and equipment. I laid claim to a disruptor rifle, and a missle launcher. The latter was too heavy to carry unencumbered. However, that did not stop me from carrying it and placing it in strategic choke points. Little did I know, I was going to need the Fire power soon. First a Gammorean guard carrying a fully automatic heavy blaster rifle burst onto the scene. He filled the corridor with blaster fire sending my team in a panic. Miko and I took cover and return fire. A well placed shot from my new disruptor bore a hole through his body like a lightsaber through snow. I think I am going to name it “Bee-ra the mechanic”, cause she fixes all problems big or small.
. Either Darga, or his majordomo, Demos, had the bright Idea to cut the power in the menagerie. This allowed one on of the nocturnal predators to hunt us in this cramp corridor. Thinking quickly I lit my glow rod and through it at the feet of Leek and A’rreth to keep the predators at bay from my less combat effective teammates. Mer’lin was still in the storeroom, I assume trying to turn on the power from one of the computer terminals. At least that is what I hope he is doing. Finally killing the last of these pesky predators, I opened up the final door to reveal a detention block with a turbolaser turret at the end of it, and a combat robot guard ready for us. After Beera ”fixed” the guard, With a little help. I aimed and fired the heavy missle launcher at the turret. What a glorious explosion it made as it turned the turret and the room it was in into a Chiss work of art. We began searching rooms, and discovered an R2 droid that Miko was upset that I slapped a restraining bolt on it. I still don’t understand these aliens and their affinity for robots. After all, just a few years ago, an army of robots were trying to kill them. We found a cell filled with an emaciated smuggling group bound for the slave trade. I attempted to negotiate their release and enlistment in the resistance with a deal I thought was an offer they couldn’t refuse, and yet they did. Apparently, they saw enlistment as just another form of slavery. The short sighted humans did not see it as an opportunity to earn their freedom. Leek and A’rreth released them with the deal that they would help carry the supplies from the store room and offer aid (or at least turn a blind eye) to resistance forces.
. It was then the R2 droid began slamming into the back door of the cell. Why would a cell have a back door? A’rreth and the R2 unit sliced the door open, after everyone (yes… especially the droid) convinced me to remove the restraining bolt. The opened door only revealed another corridor, and another door. This one was not so easily sliced. I planted charges to attempt to blow open. It only cracked an inch. The team informed me that an enemy ship was incoming and Capt. Okee was waiting outside for us. I grabbed one of the smugglers to help pull and told A’rreth and the droid to give it one final try. If something was this well hidden, then it had to be something Senator Organa could use. SUCCESS!! The door finally gave way to reveal an elderly woman on life support. The R2 unit rushed in spurting and beeping hysterically. I don’t speak freaky deeky droid, but I didn’t have to know that she had some importance.
. The team called another time with, “We need to go NOW!” Quickly removing all the tubes that were keeping her sedated, she came too. She was able to be moved. We would later find out that she was Mistress Dinaiy, a Jedi that has been missing since the Clone Wars. What a score! I am sure Senator Organa can find a use for her, as well as the equipment and supplies from the store room. We made it to the Banshee in the nick of time. Mistress Dinaiy informed us the the R2 unit was hers. It’s designation was R2-D0, but she affectionately called it “Deo.” To show her gratitude for her rescue, she gave us the Droid. Miko was thrilled to have the thing. It is interesting how humans provide these pieces of programmable parts pet names and partnership. Are they so attached that they would die to rescue one? I bet some would. A weakness, I am sure, the Empire does not have, but I am positive they will exploit.



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