Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

Star War Journal Entry 5 (G'Hest)

A Good Run of Bad Luck

On the way to Bespin, Captain Sironna took the time to instruct us on how to play Sabacc and even how to cheat. Our next mission may require us to play in a Sabacc tournament. I find this form of leisure activity to be especially frustrating. The best strategy I had against my teammates was simply to stay even, lose just enough before I could capitalize when I had the advantage. This type of stalemate strategy may be all I need in this mission. Leek showed some real promise on honest playing, while A’rrefh admitted he won by cheating and rigging the table. If he attempts this method while on Bespin, may the force be with him. I may not be able to save his life at the tournament. I guess that’s why they call it gambling.
. While they sat around learning the game, A’rreth began telling the story of when he had enough of the Empire and decided to join the resistance. He was a mechanic with an extremely xenophobic sergeant for the Empire. The conduct of this Sergeant was extremely unbecoming of a member of any force that I have come across. I can only wonder if A’rreth was embellishing his racism and cruelty. Bothan’s follow “the way” which means they put their personal needs first and always look for improving the social/economic status. Subsequently, this gives them a feeling of self importance. It could be that he simply is overreacting to the sergeant’s xenophobia. However, Leek backed his story. Leek recalls reprimanding the sergeant for his conduct. He claimed even then he had a smug attitude toward Leek as well. Shortly after this incident, he was approached to join a way of fighting this blatant oppression. It is my belief that A’rreth saw no way to improve his social/economic status in the Empire, and, as many Bothans do, switch sides to join the resistance in hopes to move up its ladder.
. After a bit more small talk, Mer’lyn decided to tell a story when an assassin droid was sent to kill his mentor, Senator Shea Shadashassa. They where aboard the Senator’s personal transport, while the Droid “hitched” a ride on the outer hull of fhe ship. I speculate that this story came to mind for him as he misses his “adoptive” parent and is basically symbolic of his and her current status. She was effectively imprisoned while an outside force made its way to terminate her with methodical precision, and Mer’lyn feeling unable to do anything of significance. Throughout the story he aided his the senator’s personal bodygaurd/advisor. He seemed to look at the bodyguard as a student would look at a teacher. After a treacherous battle throughout the transport, the assassin droid was beaten, but not before he tried to take down the ship with him. Through luck or the force, everyone made it out with a story to tell their offspring (or teammates while playing Sabacc as the case may be) Throughout this story I learned that what Mer’lyn lacks in combat skills, he makes up for it in guts and ingenuity. Let’s hope that will be enough.
. As we come out of hyperspace, I look around the Sabacc table and hope our team can find the connection between Darga, the Empire, and this mysterious Titan Project.



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