Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

Star War Journal Entry 6 (G'Hest)

Will It Go Round in Circles

As we approach Cloud City, we are hailed by the Port Security and told we would be in a holding pattern for a week due to the Sabacc tournament traffic. They all try their hand at negotiating (lying) to Security to expedite our landing. I know I am the firepower and muscle of the team, but these guys are supposed to be the mouthpieces (especially Mer’lyn and Leek). These guys couldn’t talk their way out of a paper bag. Finally, Miko offers a bribe. I can tell already we are going to be over our heads dealing with this money-motivated metropolis. The landing code: 123ABE696. (I recorded it here just in case we need it later. Knowing my crew, we will need them to leave, and they will have no recollection of any codes what-so-ever…). Once landed, Armond the Port Master, and dock security inform us that we are not allowed to bring any weapons off-ship, and ask us not to cover our faces. The latter is a request, not a law. I leave my helmet on, of course. I remove all my weaponry and place them in a crate just inside the ship for quick retrieval if the bantha poodoo hits the ventilator. I just got done modifying sweet “Bee-ra” too.

. Walking around Cloud City, I note that security is extremely high. However, to the untrained eye, most of it would go unnoticed. Their “uniforms” are designed to blend in to the crowd, and not to distract from the ambiance of Cloud City. There are also police caches within eyesight, but so well hidden, they are never in clear view. It seems that the proprietors of Cloud City took great steps to give the impression of a perfectly safe and high-end community. From the view of the city, one would never know that this city is actually a mining facility. I also took note that there are Ugnaughts in pairs or threesomes scurrying about. The strange thing is, most of the pedestrians acted as if the Ugnaughts were invisible. The Ugnaughts would always move out of the way to avoid bringing any attention to them. If someone did interact with them, the Ugnaughts were treated as little more than slaves.
. We all tried different ways of discovering the location of Darga or his dealings here. The tournament wasn’t for another week. Therefore, many participants hadn’t even arrived yet. We kept running into dead-end after dead-end. They all kept looking at me saying, “you’re the bounty hunter, isn’t this your field of expertise?” I had to explain to them that I am much better at tracking a bounty on an outer-rim planet when others are also looking for my quarry. I couldn’t let them catch on that bounty hunting is a field I just picked up in the last year. I did catch that Darga’s majordomo, Igren Demos, was here receiving what appeared to be supplies and personal messages in the hotel.
. A’rreth did some slicing that Darga’s ship was called “the Glorious Chariot.” After what seemed to be days, A’rreth finally discovered that Darga had dealings with “Fogg & Assoc,” a Tibanna gas mining corporation. What would a Hutt want with a Tibanna gas business? Was this part of Titan Project? Or was he just selling the gas to the Empire on the side? Or just keeping it for his personal uses? The easiest answer was that he was just selling it on the black market as well as getting free fuel for his own uses. However, I am not eliminating the possibility that it has some use for the mysterious Titan Project.
. This last slice brought the attention of another slicer. This slicer threatened A’rreth and his party to cease all inquiries or be eliminated. A threat like this could only mean we are on the right track. Instead of stopping, we probed for the location of this slicer. If anyone had the information we desired, they would. If Mer’lyn or Leek couldn’t negotiate the information out of them peacefully, I would defer to my own brand of negotiations. We left the serene streets of Cloud City and went underground. Now here you could see that this was a mining facility not the facade of luxury. After trolling the twisted dark and dingy corridors and access tunnels, we found the slicer, or should I say slicers? A team of Ugnaughts working diligently at computer terminals were shocked to see the team enter their make-shift office. Just as I suspected, Mer’lyn and Leek couldn’t get any information using peaceful methods. A small scuffle ensued. So I entered the room, flipping on my filtration system and taking a deep inhale so my I eyes glowed fire red through my visor. Physically taking control of the situation, I think I made one of the Ugnaughts defecate himself. I targeted my intimidation tactics solely on him. He identified himself as Crigg. Through our line of questioning, the Ugnaughts deduced that we were not working for Darga searching them out, we were in fact just trying to discover what Darga’s business was with the Empire. They offered to give us the information we were looking for. It turns out that Darga has been using several of these Ugnaughts clan members to illegally siphon Tibanna gas from the “Fogg & Assoc” mining facility. This illegal practice is bringing dishonor to the whole clan. Understanding the desire to regain honor, and for the exchange of pertinent information, we agreed to stop the Ugnaught “slaves” from continuing their misdoings. They asked us to reason with them, but they would also accept elimination only as a last resort. Honor of one’s family by any means necessary, these Ugnaughts have promise. Gave Crigg one last glare as we left.
Deeper and Deeper into the bowels of Cloud City we go…



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