Dawn of Defiance (SW: AoR)

Star War Journal Entry 7 (G'Hest)

Communication Breakdown

As we go deeper and deeper in to the bowels of Cloud City, I note the growing lack of attention to safety regulations and general maintenance. There also aren’t any signs of security, human or otherwise. This is a complete reversal of the aristocratic facade above. Now,I can see why the crimelord, Darga, frequents here. Take a simple trip to the underbelly and any shady business dealings will never be noticed. Plus, I am sure the smell down here reminds him of home.
. We finally make it to the mining work site. We spy from afar, and take note of several groupings of Ugnaughts diligently working on their various assigned tasks. I also notice Mynock like creatures adhered to a freshly mined gas canister. It is my guess that these creatures breathe the explosive gas, and probably explode if given an ignition source. This would be very dangerous while they are still on the canister. However, this could be useful if we need a distraction to flee. There is one Ugnaught that appears to the foreman of this site. He is the only one that openly carries a blaster pistol. Miko and I glance at each other and without speaking stealthily move into flanking positions around the site. Mer’lyn uses stealth at first…
. This is where thing go… awry, to put it nicely. Mer’lyn, Leek, and A’rreth come out of hiding and try to pose as henchmen of Darga, coming to “expedite” the shipment. I guess this was to try and discern when and where the shipment was going. The problem is, that wasn’t the mission. They were supposed to convince them to stop working for Darga and rejoin the honor of their clan. Miko and I were the back-up plan. Well we were, until 3 of the Ugnaughts become suspicious of the barrel I was hiding behind. I came out of hiding, doing my best to look intimidating. Mer’lyn tried to include me as a Darga henchmen. The foreman suspicions were rising.
. Leek cuts a “Mynock” and they take flight attacking A’rreth and Leek. I disarm one of the three Ugnaughts on me. A’rreth gets pummeled when a blaster bolt hits one and it explodes. Ha! I knew it! It is just too bad A’rreth and Leek took the brunt of that explosion. I move in with blasters set to stun and stun one off of A’rreth. The rest of the team takes the hint and begins stunning these flying powderkegs. Phew! I thought they might have been goners there for a split second.
. After the Mynock issue was resolved, negotiations reopened. I was stunned to see them resort to strong arming the Ugnaughts into not only in shutting down the operation, and rejoining their clan, but to load the Tibanna gas onto our ship! This will really agitate Darga. Not only will his operation come to a screeching halt, but his supply will have vanished. Plus, the resistance receives a stockpile of fuel. I am just worried that if Darga finds out about this before we get what we need from him, He will be on high alert that somebody is trying to undermine him on Cloud City. I will have to think of way to use that to our advantage.
. We returned with the news of the reformed Ugnaughts to the Slicers. They were very happy that we were able to change their minds without having to kill any of them. They told us that Darga was planning to sell the Tibanna gas to the Empire for an unknown payment. The exchange will be discreet and soon here on Cloud City. That is all they could tell us. So the Empire does want the gas, but do they want it for the Titan Project? Why is the payment secret? Answer one question and get 2 more.
. We leave and try to get a room in the Bespin Grand Hotel under the identity of Arthur Pendragon. While Slicing the hotel’s database to “secure” us a room, A’rreth notices a possible Imperial Officer named Yarreth may be staying at the hotel as well. Could this be Darga’s contact in the Empire?
. Miko poses as Arthur, and I pose as his bodygaurd/servant. He better not take advantage of the situation if he knows what is good for him. While in the lobby, I begin surveying the hotel’s security. Once again they are hidden in plain sight, but more importantly a noble is in a huff claiming the hotel lost his reservations. I believe “Arthur” stole it. During the commotion, I notice 6 Tholians, 2 females and 4 males. They are all watching the agitated Noble intensely. They must be some kind of escorts or bodyguards. The 4 males have mirrored scars on their face and the 2 females have bright hair. The strangest thing is they are all identical to each other, with respect to gender of course. Could they be clones?
. A’rreth receives a data message via his smart comlink/datapad concerning the deal with the Hutt. He is keeping this information close to his chest. This is all well and good, so that prying ears won’t hear. However, as a team he should tell someone, in case something happens to him. An eruption from the noble wakes me from curious wonderment of the cryptic message. It appears the noble is boastful and condescending at the fact that he now has a room. Wait he NOW HAS A ROOM?
Did we get bumped back out? Are we back at square one?



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